Monday, April 17, 2017

#AtoZChallenge - Perspectives: News

After 9/11, I became an avid news watcher.  World news, national news.  That continued for several years.  Then, suddenly, I just burnt out on it.  About the same time, I began to notice that when I saw local news that was about some tragic, untimely death of a young person, I'd feel it, mourn it for days afterward.  The same thing would happen if I saw where some working man who was a father died in a job related accident or such.   I can't even stand to hear other people talking about such as this that they saw on the news.

It did not take long for me to decide that I just couldn't handle it.  Didn't need these feelings in my life and disrupting my days.  I swore off all news, all together.  Pete has long had to watch the local news away from me.  Only recently, I have begun to sample some world news and such.

It's odd, and I don't entirely understand it.  I can hear about a large scale catastrophe and handle that in stride.  Stop to say a prayer for those affected and move on.  The burning hurt and relentless concern only comes into play with individual losses and untimely deaths.  I suppose that somehow I internalize it as if it happened to one of mine. 

What about you, how much news do you watch?  Do any stories you hear effect you on a deeply personal level? 



  1. I don't watch the news, and I'm selective about what I'll read on the Internet. Overall, I just can't deal with all the awful stuff that the news reports on. They make it seem as if humanity is horrible, and I know from meeting people that it really isn't that way at all.
    Doree Weller

    1. I think it is half bad news sells and half due to the fact we have news from all over almost instantly.

  2. My father watches news all the time. I get it in small doses online, but I can't sit and watch the news anymore.

  3. As an empath, I know exactly what you mean. It's like feeling what they feel. I don't do well with others' pain, either. And since the local news is all about pain, I avoid it.

  4. I understand this very well, I am the same way. I cannot watch the daily news. I catch headlines of world events online, but as you note, that is a different kind of hurt and horror. The personal aspect, relating as if you knew the person this tragedy happened to, whatever it is, is too painful to carry day to day. It breaks my heart, it makes me cry. So much suffering, most often undeserved. I feel the same pain for animals that are neglected or abused. I won't watch tv shows or movies with cruelty either, this is not entertainment, even if it is a fact of life. I pray for all, I carry their suffering in my heart.

    Read today's A to Z post at Josie Two Shoes

  5. My husband reads/watches a lot of news. I'll catch a glimpse of a story that might be interesting and then will ask him about what is going on in the world about this or that. I do like the morning show on the weekends on one of the local channels; lots of fun stuff; places to see, charity events, feel good stories. I think I'm a bit numb to some of the tragedies you hear about or read about because of the nature of the reports I type; done death summaries on little children (heart breaking), psychological reports on people who attempted suicide, etc. Built up a bit of tough skin on some stories getting to me.


  6. For me, I can't imagine not watching the news. I trained as a journalist (that was the first thing I started aiming at back when I was 16) and I don't want to feel like I'm uninformed about anything. That said, I do get affected by some stories, having suffered a personal loss myself. And I've never really agreed with the overwhelming emphasis on everything that is bad; there should be more of a balance because watching the news can get depressing.

  7. I remember on 9/11, glued to the tv, and seeing for the first time split screens and the ticker tape at the bottom of the screen. It was information overload. It seemed that day introduced an increase in "news" 1000 fold. There is too much. I wish we could go back to the national news at 5:30 and the local at 6:00. So much on the news networks is just divisive commentary and scripted reporting across the networks. I watch as little as possible and my heart and soul appreciate it.

  8. Like you, I've sort of removed myself from watching daily news. And the funny thing is, I get to know what's going on in the world from people around me anyway.
    There's too much negativity being churned over and over again.
    This is the time to introspect, find the peace within and reach out to people who we can help, however we can.
    Apologies, if I got a bit carried away here.
    O is for Observing the Ordinary

  9. I keep up with the news. How good it is for me, I don't know. I know when people have serious illnesses part of convalescing is to avoid news programming. But for everyday citizens, I think you need to be informed and write letters to your congressperson.

  10. I have to admit, I've become a bit numb to bad news, except (with exceptions) when it concerns the death of a celebrity I admired. That's why I do so many tribute posts on my blog.


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