Friday, July 1, 2016

I Saw it on Facebook

Who doesn't love Maxine!?!  She often says what the rest of the 50+ set is thinking.  I remember back in the 80's I belonged to a spa and one day the little lady that came around and checked your vitals took my heart rate.  It was something like 62bpm.  She said, "Oh, how many miles do you run a week?"  I said, "Run?!  I don't run unless something is chasing me."  Maxine has the idea of a kind of running I am rather fond of.  

At times, I have fantasized about going down south somewhere where the cost of living is really low, getting a hut, stocking up on drinks and living off a fresh sea catch and local fruit.  In my head, it is a true paradise.  Until I am sick and miserable.  Until a storm washes my hut into the ocean.  Until the locals turn against the strange lady on the beach.  

I admit, as I get older and am still working a full week, I tend to coast more and more on the weekends.  I need my time to relax when I first come home in the evening.  Then later, after supper and any chores, I have to have some quiet sit with my feet up time to get ready for bed.  On Saturdays I sleep until I want to get up.  That could be anywhere between 9:00am or even occasionally as late at 1:00pm.  

We don't dash off to places for holidays.  We are old-fashioned that way. We prefer to hang close to home and relax.  Plus, there is a revival starting at church this Sunday.  So, I know I will do a useful thing or two on my three-day weekend, but for the most part, I plan to rest, revive and enjoy.

What about you?   Do you ever fantasize about living a laid-back, carefree life? Do you ever have sleep-in days?  Will you travel and work to enjoy your holiday or relax into it? 


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