Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Become a VFW Advocate Today

Do you have a heart for Veterans?  Did a family member serve, or are they serving now?  A friend or a neighbor?  Maybe, you personally don't know anyone who served or has served.  But do you like sleeping safe at night?  Do you think those that secure that privilege for you deserve the best our country can give them?  

Then, please, go today and get involved in the VFW Action Corps!  It costs nothing.  You can see the issues they face through their eyes and contact our leaders on their behalf.  You can spread the word on issues through Twitter and Facebook and other social media.  

Two issues currently ripped from the headlines is that of the Marine Andrew Tahmooressi, who is currently locked in a Mexican jail for getting lost on the Interstate with all of his worldly goods in his truck, including some guns.  

And there is the issue of Senate bill S.2450 to improve the quality of health care for veterans.  Have you not seen the insanely long wait times in the news?!  This bill will help to remedy that.

You can choose which issues to join in on.  Veterans have done so much for us, can't we at least do this for them?! 
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