Friday, October 2, 2015

I Saw It On Facebook

Can I get an amen?!!!  They are rewriting history because it bothers them.   They are redefining the constitution and the Bill of Rights, because they bother them.  They are trying to outlaw God bless you, because it bothers them.  Get rid of Merry Christmas.... because it bothers them.

Don't speak in your native dialect, because it bothers them.  Let your children run amuck because discipline bothers them.  Cow down and kiss ass because standing up for yourself bothers them.  Treat your children and your animals better than your spouse because it bothers them if you honor your spouse above all others. 

Going to school? You'd better be able to print it instead of type it.  To research it online instead of go to the library.  To take a picture of the chalk board instead of take notes.

In the church, best not speak of sin.  And whatever you do, don't mention the blood, as that is offensive.  Don't you dare speak of God's judgement, but only His Love.  Preach the tithe and watch people walk away.

Way back in the old testament God told us that in the last days truth would become known as lies and lies as truth.  One sign down.  How many more to go before He enters the Eastern sky and judges the earth and all who dwell therein?

How many lies are you swallowing today?  Or are you stubbornly standing for the truth in all things?

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