Monday, July 24, 2017

#ISawItOnFacebook - Well, actually I posted it on Facebook this time.

Our local small town is going all in for the Rock Hunt fad.   If somehow you've missed it, people paint rocks with a simple message or cheerful picture and leave them in public areas for others to find.  Those who find the rocks which are tagged on the back with local group of origin are then encouraged to post a picture on the corresponding Facebook page.  Then they may re-hide the rock or keep it if it brings them joy to do so.  Personally, I think there is more joy to be found in hiding them again.

I took Hannah to get a copy of her Social Security card today at the Beaumont Administration Office and found this one in front of where I parked.  It is a precious Keebler Elf one with the message Living Small on it.  My photo does not do it justice!  I was tickled to learn it was part of the Silsbee group and posted it's picture on their Facebook page.

While there, I found that a rock garden has been set up at the Silsbee Public Library by some civic minded individuals.  When preparing to write up this post, I found that the movement is being praised as a way to get young people into art, exploring outdoors and sharing a little love and joy.  I also found a website for The Kindness Rocks Project which appears to be the origin of this craze that is fast going worldwide.

All around, a lot of positivity surrounding this simplistic trend, with all ages getting swept up in it.

Have you found a rock?  Did you post a picture?  Did you re-hide it?  Have you painted any?


Sunday, July 16, 2017

#Life: I Was Undercover for the FBI

Surprised to see me?  Wondering where I've been?  Well, it all started on a Saturday night when I was down town working for the FBI.  I was drinking whiskey with some bad men, the bottles were piling high, when all of a sudden,....wait!  That's not it.  That was The Hollies.

Let's see.  Three weeks ago I posted, and then I was coasting along enjoying visiting you and you visiting me.  Then Hannah's work schedule got busy with an extra day and an extra shift.  I take her to & fro right now.  Then Bubba got back in town early for the holiday & I spent some time with him & his family.  Pete decided it was time to get out some meat and make some more sausage, right as our tiny garden decided to start coming in.  Then on the 5th I had some teeth pulled, was a wussy and lay up an slept & rested for a few days.  Last week the garden continued, and I had errands and appointments.  And it was finally time I could get the girl actually enrolled at Lamar Institute of Technology.  To top it all off, Photobucket decided to make a money grubbing sneak attack on 3rd party image hosting and had my blog looking like the old TV test alert image!!! 😠😂😠 I fixed the overall blog, but am sorry to say many images in posts are still not available.  I don't have the time or energy to fix them all.  I will be going back as I can and fixing all the #ISawItOnFacebook posts, on special posts and others as I come across them.  I already have holes and red X's left over from the early days on AOL's JLand and the transfer to Blogger.  😒

Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise, I will be making the rounds again, posting again, etc.  I've missed every one of you!

So, where have I been?  How have I been?

No, seriously, how have you been?  


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