Thursday, November 21, 2013

How do you say, "I'm Hot!" in Russian?

What a time I have had the past 10 days!  My computer has been having a breakdown.  My system is Vista.  I think it has been going to sleep and not being able to wake up.  (Sounds like me on Saturday morning.)  Then, on top of that, a few folks at work abused the use of the computers, so now all of us are choked back and cut off.  So don't be offended if I don't respond to something you post on Facebook.  For my dial up is too meager to allow me to get there most of the time....and now I can't go there even at lunch at work.  

Just did a system restore tonight.  May turn the tide, may not.  We have a back up computer we could turn to...but I sure love my ACER with the Vista OS.

So, I finally get back to Blogger this evening and I find that most of my traffic this past week has been from Russia!  What's up with that?!  I mean, I certainly don't mind if they visit me, but I don't know what the fascination is with me.  Is it the ideals of true Freedom  
I espouse here?  Or is it the Christianity I profess?  If you are from Russia and know English, then leave me a comment and give me a clue!  

Just made a sweet potato pie for Thanksgiving dinner  for work tomorrow.  Got Thanksgiving dinner at church after services this Sunday.  Then I am to make a dressing for Bubba to take to his Thanksgiving at his job on Tuesday.  Finally we will have the actual Thanksgiving meal with the kids at Candi Girls family on Thursday.  I'll be so full of turkey I'll gobble!

Think I'll cook us a ham next weekend to cleanse our pallet.

I wish everyone a beautiful Thanksgiving Holiday!  Whatever you do, and however you celebrate, don't forget to pause and truly give Him thanks for the blessings in your life.  Think you don't have any?  Well, if you are here and reading this, then you definitely have these:  life, sight, and computer access.

Here's a short list of mine:

A praying husband.
My children.
My daughter in law.
My Baby Ruth.
My health.
My sister. 
My job.
His forgiveness.

Yes, I'm abundantly blessed!  Could go on and on.  But it eventually turns too private and personal to share.

God bless!  And see ya soon.


Sunday, November 10, 2013


Beautiful day here in Caneyhead!  Sunshine.  Mild temps.  Chicken and sausage gumbo on the stove.  Lemon Chess pie in the oven.   Large attendance in church this morning.  Baptism after services.  Kisses from my Baby Ruth.

All of this...the freedom, the peace, the prosperity, and the simple daily pleasures I enjoy stem from and are preserved by God and by those who gave or give of themselves in service to this country in the military.

That is why I wear red on Fridays.  Red on Fridays symbolizes my support of US Troops wherever they are deployed.  The prayers I offer up for their protection.  The hope I have that one day they can all come home.  I encourage you to join me and others in wearing red on Friday.  I know many wear school colors on Friday, for their favorite team.  While I understand the desire to boaster your team, we couldn't enjoy a Friday night football game without the protection our men and women in the military afford us.

Tomorrow is Veteran's Day.  This holiday started out as Armistice Day, years ago in the aftermath of the Great War...WWI.  I ask you all to join me in remembering and reflecting with this post from 2007, That None Should Forget.  

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