Friday, November 28, 2014

I Saw it on Facebook

While I am sure that all the people in your life appreciates every little thing you do, perhaps, like mine, they seldom if ever give any indication that they do.

Sometimes it is actually hilarious, like the old joke about the little four year old boy who had never spoken a word.  One morning, his mother served him his breakfast and his toast was burnt.  He began complaining, whining and cursing.  Whole strings of words and sentences.  His parents were shocked and thrilled.  He could talk!  When the excitement calmed down, they asked him, "Son, why have you never spoken before?"  He said plainly, "Up until this morning, everything has been fine."

Other times, when you are tired or sick or feeling overloaded it can be downright depressing.  You can begin to feel used or bitter or resentful.  And that can in turn make you feel guilty or petty...after all the people and the home you do these things for, you care about very deeply.

Many years ago, when I was going through feeling that way because it was up to me to feed all the animals that we had at the time, God heard my complaints.  And he reminded me that in reality those animals were His, not Pete's.  "Do it for Me, and I will see and I will remember.", His Holy Spirit seemed to say to me.

Then several years ago, I was going through another down spell of feeling totally unappreciated.  I was moping, crying and complaining.  Once again, God seemed to say, "There, there now.  I know and I see.  You are doing the best you can and I appreciate it.  The very fact that they can take you for granted, proves you are doing a good job."

I'm not going to say it never upsets me when they ignore the things I've done and point out what I haven't done.  But nowadays, when it starts to turn my thoughts dark, I know inside that they'd be lost if I wasn't here doing what I do.  How hard life would seem.  And I thank God I'm still here and around to do those things for them.  And I pray he'll let me be here and able for many years to come.

Saturday, November 22, 2014


Last weekend, Baby Ruth spent the night with Mawmaw and PawPaw so the kids could go out for the evening.  I had picked her up on my way home from work and we had all had a good evening together.  We'd ate pizza, built blocks, read books, played Cookie Jam, watched a Disney movie.  Baby Ruth had her bath and was in her little zip up footie pajamas.  Snug as a bug, cute as pie.

It was now a little after nine and I'm watching Blue Bloods.  Bug is reading.  PawPaw is in bed and Baby Ruth is playing quietly on the floor of the living room.  She has an old baby towel she is playing with.  At one point she stands up, puts it over her head and engages me in a round of peek-a-boo.  Then Aunt Bug takes a turn.  We have several rounds of the standard "Where is so & so?" - "There she is!" peek-a-boo.

Now Baby Ruth does it again, only this time when I say, "Where is Hazil?", we hear a deep, throaty growl come out from under the towel.  I think, "Oh, she's using her imagination and changing the game.  Mawmaw will play along with her."  

So, I say, "Bug, did you hear that?!  What is it?!" very theatrically.  Then Bug responds with, "Yes, I don't know what it is."  And I go on with "Oh, my, what could it be?!  I'm scared."  

Next thing I know, Hazil Ruth, standing in front of me, throws the towel back and with a trembling lip, and in a low whispery voice says, "Mawmaw, I scared."

My heart melts and breaks at the same time.  I throw my arms open and she runs into them.  I scoop her up in my lap and she nestles her head on my shoulder.  We stay like that about 10 minutes and the poor little thing is out like a light.  I go lay her down by PawPaw were nothing can hurt her or scare her. 

Never knew Bug and My's acting was so convincing.  

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