Wednesday, April 25, 2012

V is for Willa V

Mother's mother was Mama Ruth.  Mama Ruth's baby brother was Uncle Harry.  Uncle Harry was married to a woman named Willa V.  As far back as I can remember, Aunt Willa V had grey hair cut short and stylish, wore glasses, and was always thin and neat.  She worked at Lamar University.  Volunteered at the hospital. 

Her and Uncle Harry had all girls that were grown as long as I can remember.  They say Aunt Willa V always cooked exact amounts of food for every meal.  Each meal was balanced and each meal was exactly a serving and each family member had one serving.  I know none of them ever had a weight  problem.  And the two of them long outlived their peers.  So I suppose she was doing them all a favor and keeping them healthy.

I remember being so very happy and proud they were around to come and see Bubba when he was born.  And privileged to have them  around for some time afterward.



  1. Interestin account of some of your kin. I wonder if the lady's way of making one serving a piece for each family member ever brought complaints.

  2. should have been interesting. lol

  3. To me it sounds as if your Aunt was a Very Wise person. Family are very important to some people, mine are to me, and to have them around when you are a new parent is something to be treasured. You are a very lucky girl.
    Blessings from Geoff in Cape Town.

  4. Willa V sounded like a well-planned woman. I wonder if this was done more so to fit the budget instead of think health smarts, you know? It's certainly a great way to keep down over eating which happens all too often. Way to go to Wille V for whatever reason! :)


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