Tuesday, February 28, 2017

I Know Where I am Headed

I just stuck an ear-worm into my brain with that title! 😳  Now all I can hear is the Judds singing "I know where I'm going, don't you want to come to?"  But this is NOT a religious entry.

This entry is to say that I am back after a seven month absence!  😊  Where was I?  I have no idea where I have been, but I know where I am headed!  I got muddled down in work, busy in life, unorganized with my time at home, and in a constant contest with a seventeen year old daughter over a limited amount of data.  That's about as detailed an explanation for my absence I can formulate.

I was thrilled to see that Life & Faith in Caneyhead has carried on successfully without me.  Visits are up! I just hope I don't run anyone off by showing back up here.  😓

So, why am I back?  Simply put, I have missed it and missed you!  I have a wonderful reading list of blogs and I have missed seeing those posts.  I have also missed throwing something out there and getting your input and responses.

The big question today is, where is it that I am headed?  Besides Heaven.  I am headed into The Blogging from A to Z April Challenge!  Don't you want to come?  Don't you want to ride?  Don't you want to be there, by my side?  Oh, wait, that's the Judds again.  But seriously, I do hope to see many of you participating this year.

My 2017 theme will be From...oops! Too early.  Big theme reveal on March 20th. You'll have to wait for that.  Consider this just a teaser.

It is not too late!  I came up with my theme only last week.  And cleaned up my blog this evening.  There is still a full month to work on creating posts, before the fun starts.  So head on over to the Blogging from A to Z Challenge blog to see what is new for this year, and to download your official graphics,

See you soon!
Barbara In Caneyhead

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