Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Life: Oh, Phewy!!!

So, my friends in Blogging land, it seems I may have difficulty participating in the AtoZ Challenge.  Our laptop is acting fritzy-fied.  So....I will carry on however I best can.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Life: Wesley Earl Junior

Announcing the birth of Wesley Earl Junior at 1:00pm on March 21st of this year.  The young man weighed in at 6lbs, 2oz and measured 20" long.  Head full of dark wavy hair.

At an hour and a half old, resting in his daddy's arms.  He never took his eyes off of Bubba the whole time he held him.

And yes, he has three names, plus his surname.  They plan on this being their last child, so they made sure they honored as many of the men in their life as they could.

Big Sister, Baby Ruth, will be five years old next month.  She was determined to be there the whole time and is proud and pleased with her new baby brother.

MawMaw, PawPaw and Aunt Bug can't wait to spoil him!


Monday, March 20, 2017

A to Z Theme Reveal: Perspectives

Welcome to Caneyhead and welcome to The Challenge!  Those of you who followed me through the challenge in previous years know that I usually do some form of personal story line.  This year I decided to stray from that and go a slightly different direction.  This year I will be sharing perspectives.  Simply put, my perspective on anything and everything.

To understand from where I draw my perspective you may need a little background on my life.  I was a child of the 60's, born to parents who had grown up during the Great Depression.  Both of them were born and raised in small Texas towns/communities, just like I was.  My father and most all of my 16 uncles fought in WWII.  Neither came from well-to-do families and neither did I. Working class.  Work ethic.  Strong Protestant Christian morals and values.  Rural/country lifestyle.  Gardens and farms.  Education was prized and pursued but did not always lead to professions.  You voted.  Patriotism was considered natural and good, even if you didn't agree with everything government did or said.  Mother raised my sisters more or less by herself in a time when there was no government assistance.  Manners were taught and expected to be minded.  There is a proper way to do things and a proper time and place for things.

I married into a family that also had roots in the land.  In the woods.  A heritage of a frontier mindset.  From a community that kept to themselves for the most part and did for themselves.  Their ideas were not as straight laced, but the basic ethical structure was the same.  Work ethic.  Marriage.  God.  Neighbors.  A little tougher, a little less refined.  Survivors.  After thirty-three years, they are as much a part of me as my own family.

All  of this goes into the make-up of me.  While I have thoughts, ideas, dreams, likes, dislikes, beliefs, etc. all of my own, all of them are colored and flavored by my life, my family.

In these times of discord popping up all over, I still feel that that we, as people, as Americans, share many perspectives.  And even when they differ, I think it is still possible to simply discuss how they are different and agree or agree to disagree.  Total agreement is not needed to be friends, or neighbors; in fact a real friend accepts where you differ and still enjoys the things you share in common and respects your individuality.

And even this is my perspective.  In April, I will be bringing you my perspective on a variety of subjects/topics.  Most entries will be rather light I suppose.  A few may be rather weighty.  It is my hope that you will come, read and consider my perspective.  Then please share yours!  No negativity.  No disrespect.  Just friends sharing their thoughts and views on a topic.

Do you have friends whose perspective on certain issues differs greatly from yours?  Are you comfortable sharing your perspective in a non-judgmental environment?

Barbara in Caneyhead

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Life: Anniversary Caneyhead Style

Woke up this morning, late.  Had to get my two cups of coffee swallowed down. Then rush to get ready for church.  Not a thought to the date.  Came home and helped Hubby get a deer ham and a pork ham defrosting.  Later, Candi Girl and Baby Ruth show up with a chocolate cake.  I thought, how sweet for them to bring a cake.  I tell them we are cutting up meat this afternoon; making jerky, sausage and chili meat for a big pot of chili tonight.  Stay, hang out and eat with us.

Later little Hazil says something about picking us bluebells for our anniversary. What?! Oh, my!  Yes, number Thirty-three snuck up on me!

Well, we did just what we planned.  Got a lot done.  Had good food and good company.  What more could you want?

Has a wedding anniversary ever slipped right up on you?

Barbara In Caneyhead

Thursday, March 9, 2017

I Saw it on Facebook

When I married Pete, I was a person who's feet hit the floor as they slapped the alarm clock off.  I immediately got ready and started my day.  If I had anything at all, I'd make a glass of chocolate milk from scratch.  It wasn't long after we married before Pete requested we start making coffee in the morning.  Well, that was okay, as I liked coffee.  I started making it.  Started having a cup each morning.

Time went on, and I found that between extreme laziness before I had my coffee, and the prospect of cuddling and snoozing, it took two or three alarms before I rose.  After I became a stay at home mom, I found I not only needed a little more coffee to get going, but I had the time to enjoy two or three cups.

Somewhere down the line it became, don't touch me, don't talk to me - leave me entirely alone in the mornings until I have had a cup of coffee or two! When Bubba was an adolescent and Hannah Bug a preschooler, they knew DO NOT GO TO MAMA IN THE BED unless you were bleeding or the house was on fire.

So, I suppose you could say I have taken "procaffeinating" to the extreme.

What about you?  What kind of morning person are you?  Have you changed over time?

Barbara in Caneyhead

Friday, March 3, 2017

A New Approach to Purpose

Been thinking about this blog.  Considering what direction I want to take. Finding it hard to think of boxing myself into one direction, yet at the same time desiring to clarify my purpose.  This is the conclusion I have reached.

I will be blogging in line with the title of my blog, primarily.
There will be posts with the preamble; Life.  My life, life in general, life lessons, life events, etc.
There will be posts with the preamble:  Faith.  Christian values, spiritual insights, praise & thanksgiving.
There will also be posts with the preamble:  Caneyhead.  These may be about something that occurred in our neck of the woods, pictures from our life, things more on a personal level than a philosophical one.
And just because I enjoy them and it appears most of my readers do too, I will still be posting "I Saw it on Facebook" entries as well.

Being a personal blog, I may decide to occasionally stray from this design, but will strive to keep each entry made in one of these veins.  Hopefully. this will keep me posting a variety of entries and keep me true to the purpose and title of my blog.  The bonus for my readers is that you will know up front if an entry is one that interests you the most.

It is my hope that you will join me as I sort out the purpose of my posts.

Do you ever re-evaluate the purpose of your blog or the direction you want to take?

Barbara In Caneyhead

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