Sunday, May 6, 2007

Those boys did it again!!!!!

Yes,  sir-ee!!  Bubba and his friends, Brandon and Logan, won State for their classification in Waco!!!  Way to go guys!!!  I'm so very proud of you!
And now that it is all over, I can tell all!  Their project was a "system" in a box.  A full stereo system in a box on wheels that can go anywhere.  You play it off of a battery & there is an on board charger, when an outlet is convenient you can plug it in to keep the battery good. Features a Pioneer CD Player, 4 Lightning Audio 6 1/2" triaxials, a Hifonics subwoofer amplifier and two Kicker CVT 10's.  (Bubba assures me this is a good setup.)  It went to the competition as a blue box.  Bubba will be putting finishing touches on the paint job and "Backwoods Arena" on it for Mario, the man who sponsored him.  He's running what used to be the Lions Club rodeo arena here. 
Bubba said he slept most of the way to Waco.  He didn't care for the size of the place or all the people.  He went by himself and toured the Dr. Pepper museum there.  Did you know it started in Waco?  He said he saw an antique bottle there that actually said Dr. Pepper and underneath caffeine and cocaine.  Early sodas really had a kick!  And he found a Bar & Grill that had pool tables.  If you bought your lunch there, you could play for free from noon till 2:00.  So, I suppose you could say he enjoyed himself, but he missed Caneyhead.  Suppose you could say Caneyhead missed him as well.
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