Saturday, March 31, 2012

I'm in for the April A-Z Challenge!

I've joined in the April A-Z Challenge (see link banner above) and I am so excited!  Each day in April, starting with the first but excluding all other Sundays, will be assigned a letter of the alphabet.  Participants have to make a post centered in some way around that letter.  For my posts I'll be selecting a person or place from my past for a three reasons.

  1. Writing seems to come the easiest to me when I write about people or things close to my heart or etched into my memory, so the challenge won't be a chore.
  2. Second, I'll be creating a mini-history for my friends and family.
  3. Writing about this type of subject matter ought to create entries that are more interesting for all my readers, as my best writing seems to come when I write about subjects I can hear, see, touch, feel, smell, etc.  Also, I have certainly known my share of characters in my day!
So, please, join me on this journey, whether it is simply reading along with my posts or if you want to jump in and participate. 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Check this out: Mezuzah Case: Condo Association Bylaw vs. Jewish Practice

Here's why I don't live in a condo or belong to any ridiculous homeowners association.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Have you ever been to Caneyhead in real life (IRL)?

I just had a fun idea.  Or at least fun to me.  I know some folks who stop by here are home grown.  And others have never been to Texas, let alone our little corner of it.  So, for the remainder of this year, 2012, I invite and urge everyone who comes by this way to take the poll in the sidebar:  Have you ever been to Caneyhead in real life?  Answers are Caneyhead appropriate responses...if you have more to say or something else to say you are welcome to leave a comment to elaborate. 



Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Little Bird Told Me

At one time, when someone said "a little bird told me" they were trying to be coy.  They simply meant that someone told them, but they were declining to say who.  But in today's gadget laden, high tech, in touch, instant world it is much more likely they simply got a tweet on their Ipad.

Although I myself still prefer 8-track tapes & vinyl to cd's, I know that is not the prevailing view or the direction of the tide.  So to that end, and to make the most of my time and my fun here in Caneyhead I now invite you to follow me. 

Pick your poison...I mean pick your method.  On my sidebar you can now click to follow L & F on Twitter.  Or you can "Like" Caneyhead's Facebook page and stay up to date there.  I invite you all to get in on it.  Those who follow me here through one of these social media will not only know each time I post to this blog, but they will get tidbits that won't be found here.  Let's face it, so many times there is a funny or a thought or an observation or bit of news that I'd love to share, but time won't allow for a blog post.  These things I'll be sharing on Twitter & Facebook.  Also, for those who actually know Caneyhead or also live in SE Texas I will be sharing info about local events, bargains I've found, places and businesses I recommend, etc.  I think this works out to a win-win situation. 

For those who don't play on Facebook or Twit,  further down the sidebar you can still follow all the posts here at Life & Faith in Caneyhead through Blogger.  If you don't have a Blogger account, no problemo...just a little further down you can get it through email with Feedblitz.

If you happen to find a post here funny, inspiring or otherwise interesting, below each post I invite you to share it by email or just about any social media you are connected to or involved in. 

Let's start having fun again!


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