Thursday, February 14, 2008

What do you do on Valentine's Day in Caneyhead?


Plant tators of course!  Pete has long stood behind the tradition of planting potatoes on Valentine's Day.  He and a neighbor are helping one another disc, cut up, and plant their crops.  Pete is still having good and bad days.  Still limited in what he can do.  Some days he still can't do a thing.  But bless his heart he's trying.  Still waiting for answers about assistance getting checked out. 

Bug is growing like a weed!!  Gonna have to take her on a shopping trip real soon.  She's bringing home straight A report cards and excellent conduct marks.  Gets a little sassy around the house sometimes though.  But we're working on that. 

She and I went over to my sister's last Friday night while her hubby was out of town with his horse.  We spent the night.  Girls night.  Had frito pie.  And Edna's wonderful peach pie for desert.  We played with balloons.  We played school.  Bug and Edna took turns being the teacher.  I chose to play class clown.  ;o)  On the spelling test Bug gave, one word was cell phone. So I drew a picture of a phone behind bars.  LOL  Aren't I clever?  Teacher Bug didn't find it so funny.  I was sent to detention.  :o(

Bubba is a real, bon-a-fied working man now!  He's in the maintenance department at a local refinery.  It's really a great first full time job for him.  He's so handsome.  Usually good to his mama.  I'm proud of him and appreciate him so very much. 

As for me, I'm still plugging along at my part-time job.  It's a good place with good people.  I enjoy my drive time.  Listen to Motown/Oldies or use the time for intercessory prayer.  I'm so far behind in housework, it is ridiculous!  But I have a week off scheduled next month to tackle some spring cleaning. 

I was surprised and delighted this past week by an email from Clay Robison, Austin Bureau Chief of the Houston Chronicle inviting little ole nobody me to send in three questions for the presidential candidates when they come stumping to Texas soon!!  You can bet if any of my questions get printed in the newspaper I'll be posting so you can all go and read. 

I want to take this opportunity to wish all of you a love and surprise filled Valentine's Day.  I'll be making some old fashioned home made fudge later as my gift to the family.  Drop by and have some with us.  The coffee will be on!  



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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Nice Matters

This week was month end closeout at work.  So I am incredibly behind on all things journal and J-land related.  But I found that dear Jeannette has blessed me with a sweet award!  The Nice Matters Award.  Here's her kind words:
"Lastly comes Barbara who writes Life & Faith in CaneyheadBarbara also started the Sisters in Christ journal where we can  all add inspirational postings such as a poem or a graphic or anything uplifting.  Barbara also sends out a daily bulletin for those in need of prayer  for whatever trouble they might be experiencing.  That way we can all remember each other when we talk to the Lord.  Always encouraging, always helpful.  She is an inspiration to many and a very worthy person to receive this award."
I know that I am not nice at all times and in all matters.  I can hear my family saying "you can say that again!"  lol  But I don't set out to be mean or unkind to anyone.  So, if some nice manages to radiate from me or something I do or say, I give the glory to God.  It must be His love shining through.  The fun part is that now I get to pass this along!
This award will be given to those that are just nice people, good blog friends and those that inspire good feelings.  Those that care about others, that are there to lend support or those that are just a positive influence on our blogging world.
I really don't think I have met an unkind person in all of J-land.  But after sifting through my way too long list of alerts, I have chosen 7 that have touched me personally with their kindness.  They are nice because they brighten my days and lift my spirits.
My first award goes to two ladies, teamed up to journal together for His glory.  They share the journal FAITH.  Their writings uplift me.  And they are both as sweet as can be.  Kind and supportive in Christ.  Don't know if they want their names brandied about, but they post under  rEcj and LJG.
Second, is Kellen of Faith in Roman Catholicism
That may be his title, but it shines through all he does and says that his faith lies in Christ Jesus.  So grounded for such a young man.  Busy as he is with his life and studies, he finds the time to even befriend my little Bug.  He's a joy to know.
Then there is my precious friend Ginger at I Believe.  She demonstrates courage and faith on a daily basis.  And in all she faces she still takes the time to reach out to others with a kind or encouraging word. 
Ora of Ora's Odd Oddessy is so open and easy to know.  She's warm and immediately your friend.  Leaves the loveliest comments and offers her help where she can. 
Many folks are familiar with Paula's easy way of spinning a country tale.  Pauline's Country Tales and Other Thangs.  Going to see Paula is like visiting a friend.  She has a way of making the ordinary seem exciting.  And she is often doing nice things behind the scenes. 
SazzyKreationz's creator is anything but a smartazz.  She shares her talents with us and their beauty brightens our days.  And she goes the extra mile without any prodding. 
Lynne has snuck into my heart as a friend and a sister in Christ.  Although her journal is called TNT , she's anything but explosive.  And she certainly is an encourager among her sisters. 
So ladies, here's your Nice Matters Award:
And for Kellen, my only male recipient:
Please don't be put off if you aren't on my list.  Know there is none among you I can think of that hasn't displayed kindness and were nice, at least sometimes.  ;o)  But time and the rules constrains me to keep this to seven. 
Now it is up to the seven of you to pass the baton along to others.   Pick some journals that you would like to see recognized in this way and make some people happy. The maximum is seven people but you can do one or two, whatever feels right for you. 
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