Thursday, February 14, 2008

What do you do on Valentine's Day in Caneyhead?


Plant tators of course!  Pete has long stood behind the tradition of planting potatoes on Valentine's Day.  He and a neighbor are helping one another disc, cut up, and plant their crops.  Pete is still having good and bad days.  Still limited in what he can do.  Some days he still can't do a thing.  But bless his heart he's trying.  Still waiting for answers about assistance getting checked out. 

Bug is growing like a weed!!  Gonna have to take her on a shopping trip real soon.  She's bringing home straight A report cards and excellent conduct marks.  Gets a little sassy around the house sometimes though.  But we're working on that. 

She and I went over to my sister's last Friday night while her hubby was out of town with his horse.  We spent the night.  Girls night.  Had frito pie.  And Edna's wonderful peach pie for desert.  We played with balloons.  We played school.  Bug and Edna took turns being the teacher.  I chose to play class clown.  ;o)  On the spelling test Bug gave, one word was cell phone. So I drew a picture of a phone behind bars.  LOL  Aren't I clever?  Teacher Bug didn't find it so funny.  I was sent to detention.  :o(

Bubba is a real, bon-a-fied working man now!  He's in the maintenance department at a local refinery.  It's really a great first full time job for him.  He's so handsome.  Usually good to his mama.  I'm proud of him and appreciate him so very much. 

As for me, I'm still plugging along at my part-time job.  It's a good place with good people.  I enjoy my drive time.  Listen to Motown/Oldies or use the time for intercessory prayer.  I'm so far behind in housework, it is ridiculous!  But I have a week off scheduled next month to tackle some spring cleaning. 

I was surprised and delighted this past week by an email from Clay Robison, Austin Bureau Chief of the Houston Chronicle inviting little ole nobody me to send in three questions for the presidential candidates when they come stumping to Texas soon!!  You can bet if any of my questions get printed in the newspaper I'll be posting so you can all go and read. 

I want to take this opportunity to wish all of you a love and surprise filled Valentine's Day.  I'll be making some old fashioned home made fudge later as my gift to the family.  Drop by and have some with us.  The coffee will be on!  



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  1. Happy Valentine's day too you to Barbara. Glad the family are doing well. Mmmmm at the thought of homemade fudge! OOOHHH Yummy! lol. Love Pam xx

  2. now the fudge is a drawing card for sure....LOL...enjoy it to the fullest....and getting detention?????  now is that a good example set for Bug....?????  hmmm????  but sure sounded like fun time....Happy Valentine Day to you and the family...seems they are all doing just really fine....hugs...Ora

  3. I'm on my way round for the fudge.
    Jenny <><

  4. Sounds like you've been having all kinds of fun. Happy Valentine's Day to you. Paula

  5. How much potatoes does your family plant?  Hope Pete will continue to be able to plug along...  Linda

  6. Fudge sounds yummy!!!!! :)
    Happy Valentine's!
    Big hugs,


    Collards is green
    my dog's name is Blue
    and I'm so lucky to have
    a sweet thang like you.

    Yore hair is like cornsilk
    a-flapping in the breeze
    Softer than Blue's
    and without all them fleas.

    You move like the bass,
    which excite me in May.
    You ain't got no scales
    but I luv you anyway.

    Yo're as satisfy'n as okry
    jist a-fry'n in the pan.
    Yo're as fragrant as 'snuff'
    right out of the can.

    You have som'a yore teeth,
    for which I am proud;
    I hold my head high
    when we're in a crowd.

    On special occasions,
    when you shave under yore arms,
    well, I'm in hawg heaven,
    and awed by yore charms.

    Still them fellers at work,
    they all want to know,
    what I did to deserve
    such a purdy, young doe.

    Like a good roll of duct tape
    yo're there fer yore man,
    to patch up life's troubles
    and fix what you can.

    Yo're as cute as a junebug
    a-buzzin' overhead.
    You ain't mean like those far ants
     I found in my bed.

    Cut from the best cloth
    like a plaid flannel shirt,
    you spark up my life
    more than a fresh load of dirt.

    When you hold me real tight
    like a padded gunrack,
    my life is complete;
    Ain't nuttin' I lack.

    Yore complexion, it's perfection,
    like the best vinyl sidin'.
    despite all the years,
    yore age, it keeps hidin'.

    Me 'n' you's like a Moon Pie
    with a RC cold drank,
    we go together
    like a skunk goes with stank.

    Some men, they buy chocolate
     for Valentine's Day;
    They git it at Wal-Mart,
    it's romantic that way.

    Some men git roses
    on that special day
    from the cooler at Kroger.
    'That's impressive,' I say.

    Some men buy fine diamonds
    from a flea market booth.
    'Diamonds are forever,'
    they explain, suave and couth.

    But for this man, honey, these won't do.
    Cause yo're too special, you sweet thang you.
    I got y

  8. Cause yo're too special, you sweet thang you.
    I got you a gift, without taste nor odor,
    more useful than diamonds...
    Wow 2,000 characters aint many
    Happy valentines day Lloyd

  9. You can be proud about being asked to do questions for the paper Barbara!!  Happy V day to you!!  I would love to have me a veggie garden, speaking of taters!!!  Hmmmm, maybe this year.  Hugs,

  10. Planting potatoes sounds like a good valentine tradition...
    so glad Bug and Bubba are doing so well...
    and how fun, girl's night out and you being a little stinker at playing school, lol....
    I made brownies, I'll trade for some fudge...
    Happy Valentine's Day!
    Linda :)

  11. Sounds like all is well in your neck of the woods!

  12. interesting; I wonder what the theory is for planting potatoes on Valentine's Day; cute custom though I would imagine!

    so happy things are going well in your part of the country!

    hoping you and yours had a great Valentine's Day


  13. I'm so glad to hear such good things from down south!!  Your entry made me really happy!  

  14. Oh, and PS,


  15. First time I've ever heard of that tradition of planting potatoes on Valentine's Day. As for the day itself, wishing you love today and every day. (Hugs) Indigo

  16. Happy Valentines day.  No way I could plant taters in this frozen ground.


  17. Happy Valentines day to your and your family, I would love to plant taters if I could see through the 5 feet of snow piled at the sides of my driveway, lol.

  18. Happy Valentine's day Barbara! Sounds like everyone is doing well in CaneyHead,although still keepingyou all in my prayers.  Webeat you guys out one planting our tators, but we only have afew planted to see if they'll grow! Had a great winter crop though- getting ready for spring one.  I'm glad you're doing well! God Bless- and save me some fudge please!!  Carolyn

  19. Happy Valentine's day. Hope you had a wonderful one. -Missy

  20. Now see, potatoes for Valentines day?? My minds drawing of your world just got bigger and brighter! And to think, I live in Idaho and have never heard of such a thing...........
    Keep us posted on your Prez questions!

  21. Mmmm and I love coffee!! First time Ive heard of that tradition..glad u r doing well, and a girls night out is always fun!!



  23. What a nice compliment by your newspaper, keep us posted!  I'm smiling at your "cell phone" image, very clever.  CATHY

  24. Good morning! I was just stopping by to say hello as I am catching up on journals...glad you had a good Valentines day...that fudge sounds delicious!

  25. I've never heard of anyone planting 'tators on Valentine's Day.  I hope they do well.  It sounds like you guys are doing pretty well.  It is good to see an entry from you.  I'm glad you and Bug had a nice time at your sister's house, and congrats to Bubba on the new job!  I'm rather behind on things myself, and I have really started getting tired of all the clutter (also known as keepsakes) that I have around here.  I foresee a lot of things getting tossed in the near future.

  26. We love you as well Barbara.  Such a beautiful site.  God Bless, LJG
    P S Want to share your homemade fudge recipe wth us?

  27. Great entry Barbara,
    I find it interesting that a Texan loves that is refreshing. I'm up north and am ready to invest in a sled team... preparing for the second snow storm of this week.  Brrrrrr.... I'm going to dog sled to work and go straight to the Iditarod...



So glad you stopped by! Come 'round any time. ~ Barbara

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