Saturday, April 15, 2017

#AtoZChallenge - Perspectives: Marriage

I unequivocally believe that marriage is an institution ordained and created by God.  It was created when he presented the first woman, Eve, to the first man, Adam to be his friend and helpmate.  God walked, talked  with them. I believe God wants to be a part of every marriage, as he was that first one and that any marriage without God is not marriage at its best.

RED:  God desires to have a relationship with each of us individually.  He wants to be part of our lives and help us choose for a spouse the person He knows will complete us.  Then He wants to let His love, protection and guidance cover us and flow through us to each other.

BLUE:  We in turn owe God our thanks, praise & love.  We should seek his guidance and have time apart with Him through His Word and prayer.

GREEN:  Towards our spouse we should give our love, support, friendship, help and encouragement.

It is never to late to ask God to be a part of your life, or to include Him in your marriage.

How does this line up with your view of marriage?  Is God a part of yours?



  1. Absolutely! Marriage isn't just living together, it isn't just a committment, it is an ordained relationship with specific gifts and responsibilities. If God isn't the head of this relationship, if faith isn't present and shared, the marriage is very likely to flounder and even fail. God IS our purpose for being, for living, when we remember that, everything else falls into place, and everything is possible through Him.

  2. Perhaps I wouldn't express it quite as clearly as you, but yes - I certainly believe faith and God have a place in my marriage and family. And there are times I need to trust that God has the end in view and all will work out as it should. - Louise

  3. I believe that Heavenly Father should be the head of all marriages. Yes, He is a part of ours. I know the two of us grieve Him something fierce at times, but in the end, we know that He is in control and that He brought us together.
    Have a blessed Easter!

  4. I truly hope so! I do believe that God has choosen our life partners, and i think a marriage in which the people have God in their lives and hearts would be wonderful indeed.

  5. My niece and her husband refer to their marriage as a covenant; between themselves with God there. God is witness to all marriages that happen, believers or not. I truly believe one should not enter into the commitment of marriage without really getting some type of biblical counsel and one should really try to stay married (there are those exceptions) once one becomes married. The Bible says God hates divorce. I truly believe it is because of what it does to people involved in it. Our marriage in the beginning might not have been completely built on God but it definitely is these days and many years before that. Without him, I'm not sure what we would have done some days.


  6. I believe that God is present in our marriage; as both of us are persons who have had deep experience of God and have always found ways to express our love in service. With God by our side, our relationship becomes sacred.


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