Monday, March 24, 2008

Round 'ere

Round 'ere you see a fellow on the side of the road with a rifle, your first thought is "I wonder if he's after a varmit or game?"
Round 'ere you see someone walking down the road you slow down to see if they need ya.
Round 'ere stopping by the feed store in the evening can be like a class reunion or family reunion.
Round 'ere the boy in the feed room is more likely to know what you need today than you are.
Round 'ere more folks still drive over to ask you a question than to call you on the phone or text you. 
Round 'ere if you are short at the checkout, that's okay....they know where you live.
Round 'ere more people opt for taking their vacation days to coincide with the Jasper trail ride than any holiday. 
Round 'ere the azalea, the redbud, the dogwood and the dew berries are all in bloom.
Round 'ere there is a yellow/green blanket on everything that stands still more than 30's called pine pollen.
Round 'ere people at the checkout keep you up to date on what others in your house have purchased so you don't duplicate yourself or run out. 
Round 'ere ain't no such thing as a set supper time.  It's just as soon as everyone gets inside after dark. 
Round 'ere even the youngsters recognize a load of crap when they see it or hear it.  Especially if it is something contrary to the Bible.
Round 'ere if you ain't got one you can borrow mine. 
Round 'ere is the ain't quite the same as any where else.  It may be to your taste and then again it may not.  But it's where I think I'll stay till they plant me in my plot. 


  1. sounds like a nice place to live!!


  2. Love it! My red bud is blooming too. Round 'ere the lady at the feed store knows all the news. Who died, who was born, who got a divorce etc. Paula

  3. I think that round ere sounds a nice place to live.  I wish it was like that round ere

  4. Wish I lived round there.  Used to be like that here, now we have more and more "outsiders" moving in, building fancy housing developments etc...  Linda

  5. I'd like that.  It's too fast paced 'round 'ere.

  6. I love that Barbara!  It's so true - "There's no place like HOME!"

    And it sounds like a very nice place to be (except for that pine pollen - I am HIGHLY allergic).

    Have a good day!

  7. Yeah, round ''s pretty much the same and I am so glad that I moved 'ere from the city.......


  8. Loved it!!!

  9. Wish it was a little more like that round ere...... lol....
    Linda :)

  10. I need to move around ere soon! Loved it hon! (Hugs) Indigo

  11. I know you said it ain't, but your round 'ere  does sound an awful lot like my round 'ere!  Don't you just love it!  I remember east Texas Pine pollen!  Holy smokes, the first year I lived there, I swear there was an inch think coating of it all over my balcony and car!! I liked this post Barbara~  Hope you;re all doing well and have a wonderful week!  God Bless! Carolyn

  12. lol my Round'ere if some one is walking around with a rifle you take cover and call 911, if you say hi to the checker and use her name on her tag you get a weird look, if you dont call before you show up at some one's house it is considered rude, and around'ere its not quit spring yet, but thats ok.. we go can go threw all 4 seasons in one day LOL.

    Much Love,

  13. Could be down my way lol

  14. Lol. Adoreable. I loved It. It made me want to be a part of that close community. Love Pam xx

  15. A wonderful entry... love that spring graphic.... hope you had a very happy Easter!

  16. Loved the Round 'ere great stuff

  17. Y'know Barbara, the only thing missing there is the banjo! lol... Hope you have a great day "round 're"

    Mik (who lives in the north and where Kevlar is king... for obvious reasons)... lol

  18. 'Round there sounds like 'round 'ere!  lol  I especially liked the one about the checkout people knowing what others in the house have purchased so you don't duplicate.  We have a little grocery near here that Thomas and I are constantly running to, and they have actually done that before.

  19. Sounds like Heaven.


So glad you stopped by! Come 'round any time. ~ Barbara

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