Monday, March 10, 2008

I've Got a Name


I liked Krissy's question today and wanted to play along.  The question is:

What does your first name mean?   (And she even gives a link where you can check it out;  Behind the Name.

Well I found out a long time ago that Barbara meant "foreign or strange."  And I thought, "Oh, lovely!  NOT!"  Why couldn't it have a romantic or beautiful meaning? 

But I resigned myself to be happy I shared Barbara Eden's name.  After all, she was Jeannie and I grew up in the 60's watching her.  Still, such a serious sounding meaning is hard for a young girl to accept.  Then my family always called me Barbie.  Well, what's that?  An air-headed doll.  LOL  So I have serious on one hand and frivolous on the other. 

As time has marched on, I have become content with both.  And they both fit.  I've always been the easy to get A's person.  The take it serious person.  The deeply committed person.  The care deeply person.  And I have always had a wild and adventurous side.  A wit and sarcasm side.  No doubt, many do find me very strange and completely foreign.  More so the older I get. 

So now I wear my name with pride!  Go ahead and try to figure me out; I love confuseling folks.  ;o)


Gender: Feminine

Usage: English, Italian, French, German, Polish, Hungarian, Slovene

Pronounced: BAHR-bahr-a (English), BAHR-bra (English), bahr-BAH-rah (Polish)   [key]

Derived from Greek βαρβαρος (barbaros) meaning "foreign". According to legend Saint Barbara was a young woman killed by her father Dioscorus, who was then killed by a bolt of lightning. She is the patron of architects, geologists, stonemasons and artillerymen.




  1. Well according to this Kelly means WOOD or (Irish) That is a fun site, thanks for posting it.

  2. LOL...great sight....and you have a beautiful name....and I just bet (and I have never met you.....YET) that you are a beautiful person my name means Pray, Light, and Golden....and I like that....except the light....I ain't light...never been light...and never will be light LOLOL....but I am happy to know that the "light" of the Lord shines in me....most times anyway....God Bless...hugs...Ora

  3. I liked Krissy's question this morning; interesting to read the origin of your name!!

    have a good day


  4. Very interesting.  I wouldn't have thought that it meant foreign.

  5. Good one!  

  6. At least you have an interesting name that means something- and you share your name with someone cool!  I couldn't find anything for my name.  When I found out my birth name was Elizabeth- I had thougths of grandure and of things exotic. I do like my name Carolyn, but it is rather dull and boring~ but Iguess unique because I don't think there's any songs about it, and I don't share it with anyone notable ;-)  This was an interesting topic though- Thanks Barbara! Have a wonderful week!  Carolyn

  7. I have a sister named Barbara, and you sound a lot like her in your description of yourself.  My maiden name means dark stranger (or foreigner), so her name meant stranger, dark stranger!

  8. I really like your name!  

    Krissy :)

  9. What an interesting question and a great answer to your name.  LOL I am chuckling about the line you wrote air headed doll.... I love those Barbie dolls.... you have a wonderful name!!

  10. Back in the '60's I liked the Beach Boys and their song, Barbara Ann, so I named one of my aerial M-60's in vVetnam that name.   I liked the name so much that I named my first born daughter Barbara, which I researched  and thought was Persian, meaning stranger.  I was named after an uncle who died in infancy in Kansas.  Thoms means, Twin, but has the dubious reputation of the 'Doubting Thomas' who needed to see and touch our Lord after the Resurection.  
        I think that names are important, and now days, certain Afro-American "cultures" love to "invent" goofy names that few can spell... and have no meaning.

    Tom S


  12. Dear Barbara,
    A genius or a genie by any other name!:):)
    I adore you so much sweetie!
    great entry!


So glad you stopped by! Come 'round any time. ~ Barbara

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