Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Finally! Answers

I must confess, I was starting to wonder if all the candidates would respond and if the questions and answers would ever get posted.  But today, the Houston Chronicle has the questions that were submitted to the candidates and responses from each one posted on their Politics page! Each party has it's own link, so that you can review your candidates answers side by side.  Go on, check it out!  I know you're curious.  Click Here.

Unfortunately, only one of my questions made it all the way through.  But hey, when was the last time I was ever able to ask anyone else running for president a question.  So I won't complain.  I will share with you all my question I had hoped most to have answered.  I like to "get a feel for the person" if at all possible.  Not just where they stand today on the issues.  Everyone always changes their stance on some issues over time.  And new things are all ways appearing as prime issues.  Therefore I think a peek into who they are is helpful.

This is the question I would have really loved to have read the answers to:

If I had been a friend of yours from the time you were eight years old until today, what is something I would know about your personality, or you as a person, that doesn't come through all the campaign rhetoric?


  1. Good question, i wonder if they would have given a truthfull answer.
    Jenny <><

  2. that is a very interesting question you wanted to pose to them; it would have been interesting to read their responses


  3. Interesting politics this year!  Linda

  4. Great question!!!  Hmmmm, I wonder what response they will give... hugs,

  5. I couldn't find the questions and answers on the politics page.  I'm feeling very blonde at the moment.  I like your other question, though, and it would have been interesting to have had it answered.

  6. Great question!  I would be interested the candidates' answers too, but getting an honest answer out of some of them is a different story.



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