Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Where'd they go?!

Thanks to Carolyn for pointing out to me that the Houston Chronicle has moved on to more pressing election coverage and my link in the previous entry doesn't get you to the questions and answers.

I did go into the archives and find links to some of the questions answered by some of the candidates.  Why all questions and answers are not still available, I don't know. 

So, if any one is courious and didn't get to see before, try these two links:



Now, good nite all!  I'm taking my caucus to bed.    ;o) 



  1. I did get them all...and I printed it so I could study. If you need a copy faxed or something let me know. I have them at the office on my desk. I won't be at the job today, so it would have to be Thursday. If you need...email me.


  2. New reader here and just wanted to say hi!  Find your journal interesting :)  And I LOVE reading "warm" journals in our Wisconsin winter! lol  I seek out Texans and Floridians!!!! lol  No, I really do love winter but It's March now and I am ready for spring but it's still 14 degrees here :(  



  3. Yes this year the whole political scene is very interesting!!!  LOL taking your caucus to bed.... Hugs,

  4. Now I don't feel so blonde!
    Thank you for the links.  I liked your questions very much.  Did you like one answer over the other?

  5. Well, it looks like our man, Huckabee, is out!  :-(  Hopefully McCain will step up to the plate and represent Republicans well!

  6. LOL...taking your caucous to bed.  I'll tell ya'..I'm listless with all the politicos this go 'round...saddened and dismayed.  BTW, I've had link troubles quite a bit lately, too...AOL. ;)  C.

  7. I got a kick out of the taking your caucus to bed too!  This election, with Huckabee out, looks like we'll be voting against a candidate instead of for someone.  We all need to get out and vote though.



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