Sunday, March 2, 2008

Can't We Just Get Back to Normal?!



I really don't know what's up with folks.  This past week nothing has been normal in our neck of the woods. 

First, there was some clown mooning and exposing himself in an elderly neighbors yard.

Then there was another neighbors truck (which was on four flats) stolen out of his yard in broad daylight.

Then I come home one evening to find the underbrush in the curve burning.  No one around and the winds at a very high pitch.

Now today our road is missing it's stop sign and name sign.

Someone is running amuck!  All of this in the space of one week.

In other matters, Mr. Robison's last update to me said that two candidates has responded to the questions from the bloggers, and two had not.  They are trying to wait and get a response from all camps.  But Tuesday is right around the corner. 

Meanwhile everyone and their spouse has been stopping in little ol' Beaumont to stump.  Not sure what it's getting them or gaining them.  I might be impressed if one of them solved the mystery of the goings on around here.

And on the lighter and delightful side; the pear trees and peach trees are blooming.  The fig trees are budding.  We've had lovely spring like weather all weekend that prompted me to sleep until 2:00pm on Saturday.  I think it is pollen related.  Mama used to call it spring fever.

Being true to herself, Texas is going to swing back to the cold side tomorrow with a high of 73 and plunging back to the mid 30's by tomorrow night.  When you dress for work, think layers.  Mix and match layers.  One trip to the ladies room and you can adjust for anything. 

I plan not to be such a stranger this month.  But you know about the best laid plans of mice and men.  And silly old women.  ;o) 

Pretty graphic by Sugar.


  1. Maybe our sign remover has moved up your way. Out in the county every week-end some signs would be removed. It seems to have stopped so the person must have been caught or moved. They are really bad about damaging mail boxes too. it looks like they take a large sledge hammer and come down on top of them. Don't understand what they get out of it. Paula

  2. seems like a typical weekend here when I read the sheriff's blotter; sorry its happening in your neck of the woods; one can only hope things will settle down and not escalate

    I bet the trees blossoming are a gorgeous sight to see

    enjoy the week ahead


  3. Strange goings on happening around there. I hope the cold don't get those peaches, figs, and pears. Helen

  4. An evil little spirit at work there. No leads from the constabulary?

  5. Goodness.  It's a little TOO exciting in your neck of the woods!  Hope the police can get to the bottom of things.

  6. Very strange goings on in your neck of the woods.
    Jenny <><

  7. strange happenings for sure....hope they catch the person soon.....

    Our weather has been nice since yesterday....but they are giving reports of more freezing rain & snow starting today (which it is 65 right now @ 11:30am)


    many blessings to you and yours....


  8. Crazy stuff going on there! Shoot I was happy to have it at 73 yesterday...actually it was 72...but 73 is good too! :) I could have lived with 80, I like 80 too. :)

  9. You have had some weird stuff going on, haven't you??
    Our weather is jumping up and down here as well, but I really do think Spring is right around the corner -- I hope!

  10. The weather is strange here too.  It snowed yesterday and the day before.  Profusely.  Today it is 50 degrees!

    Krissy :)

  11. You're one of the sweetest "silly old woman" I know- but watch who you're calling old!  I'm not far behind!!  That said, maybe all the latest mischief that's happening is die to the uhm, influx of political stumpers?!  Just a thought. Have a great week!!   Love you Barbara!  Carolyn

  12. ive got spring fever bad. too bad its freezing still here. lol
    hope you guys find out whats going on in your area. nutsos are out i guess...

  13. It sounds like fun and games In your neck of the woods! What a carry on. I know where you are coming from with the sleep thing, I am exhausted all the time! love Pam xx

  14. I get that spring fever too all the time and am praying I don't get it this year because it takes me forever and a day (like months) to get rid of the sickies from spring.  Wow that is some crazy stuff happening and hope it is all getting back to normal.

  15. GREAT tag.  We have those spurts here, too...must go with the onset of Spring and teenage hormones.  I used to say I would never move any further south...then I fell in love with Texas.  I could SO move there (and I'm a snowbird!). ;)  C.

  16. normal.. aww who knows what that means anymore.

    But I hope to now be able to get back to my normal, ie. regular posting and blogging and reading : )  Have missed you intently and your friendly Texas additude.

    Much Love,


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