Sunday, April 8, 2012

What a Blessing Today Was!

Easter Sunday.  A day of miracles, of newness of life.  The Holy Spirit has been blessing our little church.  We've been having record attendance, someone saved most every Sunday and someone being Baptised most every Sunday.  Just a sweet spirit of joy and love in the Lord abounding.

But today He pulled out all the stoppers!  Our little community church was packed with 235 in attendance!  Every previous record left in the dust.  Everyone was happy even though we were packed in tight.  We shared communion.  We had singing, preaching and one come forward to join our flock.  Several baptised.  Then we had dinner on the grounds together and half the crowd stayed for that!  I found two folks I went to high school with in the crowd that I haven't seen in years, so that was fun.
Wiley Mae Community Baptist Church

My own personal highlight of all highlights was that my husband of 28 years helped to serve communion, and both my children and my daughter in law were in attendance.This was the fulfillment of that rainbow promise at the dam those years before.  My whole family under the Lordship of Christ Jesus! 

He is always faithful and true!  Even when we are not.  We simply cheat ourselves out of some of the joy, the blessing, the being in the center of all he is doing when we aren't faithful.  But it doesn't stop Him from completing His promises.  He'll work through us or work around us.  And if He has to He'll run us down flat.  But His word is Truth and His way is Faithfulness.

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  1. Sounds wonderful Barbara. A real presence of the Spirit in your fellowship - may it continue. Every blessing for the future of the community - God's will.


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