Wednesday, April 18, 2012

P is for Peanut Pudding

I suppose I still have Janie on my mind.  Everyone knows chocolate pudding made from scratch or by Jello.  And at least the Southern states are familiar with banana pudding.  But Janie made peanut pudding.

It was delicious.  Far better than chocolate or banana.  I watched her make it.  Helped a little.   But I have never summoned up the energy to make it.  First she'd take fresh peanuts and parch them.  After they were roasted to perfection she'd shell her a small bowl full of the nuts.  Fresh roasted always has the little red skin on the nut, so next she'd take and rub away all the red skin on the nuts in her bowl.  Then she'd start chopping.  And she'd chop and chop until the peanuts were halfway between the size of grains of salt and dust.  Then she'd make and build and bake a puddin, just like you would a banana pudding, only with the fresh roasted and chopped peanuts in it.   Heaven.


  1. That sounds delicious and something I have never had (or even thought of :)


  2. that does sound yummy!
    Happy A-Zing!


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