Monday, April 23, 2012

T is for Texas (& That's my Grandbaby)

T for Texas...and T for that's my Grandbaby.  

I was born and raised in Texas.  I'm third and fourth generation Texan.  Remember we are a young state, and I was born to parents when my mama was 39 and daddy was 44.  I know living in Texas all my life colors my thinking.  I know we see things a little different than the rest of the country.  After all an awful lot of folks come to Texas looking to escape poverty, or some inconvenient form of justice.  Others came just needing more space and seeking adventure.  All of this and the fact that we were once independent, come together to make us a little more cautious to change things than the rest of the country.  A little more attached to our right to live on our land and use it as we see fit.  A little more protective of the rights of individuals over the whole.  More and more I see things starting to change as the average Texas becomes more often transplanted than home grown. 

So I was delighted to find a group for Texas Bloggers during this A-Z Challenge!  I hurriedly signed right up.  You can find the list and sample some other Texas gals blogs by clicking the icon in my sidebar.  Or sign up if you're female and from Texas.

Sunday, my kids come to church.  It was their first time to take the baby mobile so they were late getting there.  We were just about to start the 3rd song when they walked in.  Came down and tried to sit by me and Bug, but the pew was a little too full, so they sat in the pew ahead of us.  At the start of the third song, i stepped over a couple of folks and asked Bubba if I could hold that baby.  He handed her over.  She was a vision in a little pink velveteen suit that was reminiscent of the 1950's.  There were gussets and satin inserts.  And on her head was a beautiful pink bow.  So, naturally I turned around and showed her to the pews behind me before I sat down.  They nodded their approval.  I can't remember ever being prouder.  And the church was just about packed again!  God is up to something in Caneyhead. 

If you want to see my beautiful granddaughter, you need to "like" Life and Faith in Caneyhead on Facebook and you can see her picture posted there.  I shared one her mom posted.
You can find the link on my sidebar.



  1. I've always been fond of Texas--there's so much there! One of our daughters lives Houston. We've visited her and her husband there several times and it's given me a better opinion of that city since I started visiting there. I've written a few A to Z entries about Texas on my Wrote By Rote blog.

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  2. Barbara,

    I've never been to Texas but we had friends who used to live in Houston and they said it reminded the a lot of Knoxville.

    It would be nice to visit Texas. There's a lot great historical sites to visit and the culture is different from East Tennessee. Hopefully one day, we'll have an opportunity to visit.

    ~Curious as a Cathy
    Art Sketching Through the Alphabet “T” (Treehouse)

    1. Texas has most every ecosystem on the planet in it. What Texas is exactly depends entirely on where you go.


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