Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D is for Danny Boy the pipes, the pipes, are calling...

Pete's oldest brother was called by everyone near and far, simply Danny Boy. Danny Boy had a very expressive face that easily slipped from a wide mouthed smile to a scowl. He was a horse trader extraordinaire! It's possible he could of took an empty wasp nest, turned a profit on it and made the buyer think it was his proudest possession.

He loved to play 42 dominoes and he wasn't above a little talking across the table. Always sung along with the songs on the radio, especially Conway Twitty.

He liked to dance and was good at it. Enjoyed muddin', jeep riding and jaunts with a horse and wagon.

Once way back in our more youthful days, I was miffed at Pete and decided I'd just go out and show him. I'd go out for half the night or more and let him worry about me. So, I walked in a local dance hall and up to the bar to order a drink. In less than a minute, who was at my elbow but Danny Boy. "What you doing out here Barbara? Peter really loves you. You don't want to do this. Go on home." 

Didn't take long to realize I'd walked into the wrong bar on the wrong night. ~LOL~ No way I'd have any peace or any fun. So I did go home. Never tried that stunt again.

I'm speaking in past tense, because unfortunately, Danny Boy was taken from us far too soon. He died of a massive heart attack in July 1999.

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  1. I'm sorry Danny died so young; I'm sure that was hard for your hubby to lose his brother that young. Wise words he gave you though with how much your hubby loves you :)



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