Tuesday, April 24, 2012

U is for Aunt Unice

Aunt Eunice was on Mama's side of the family.  I remember her laughing and telling us about a nurse taking her vitals and telling her, "Lady, you're already dead."  I suppose that's where I got my own very low vitals characteristics.

In college, when our biology professor was going over blood pressure, he asked the class to stand.  He then began to give out average blood pressure readings and asked us to sit down when he called out our normal reading.  I was one of the last three to sit.  And this was not a normal size class.  This was a class that met in an auditorium on campus.

Then when I was back home and working out at a gym several times a week, their nurse called me in to check vitals.  My resting heart rate was 60 bpm.  She said, "Oh, how many miles do you run each week?", thinking surely this was because I was doing cardio workouts or running.  I told her, "I don't run unless something is chasing me."

And body temperature.  When I was fine and feeling well, my body temperature was always hovering around 97 degrees instead of 98.6.  At 98.6 I feel feverish and bad.

I ran my extremely low blood pressure through two pregnancies.  The morning I went in to have Bug, c-section, they took my blood pressure before I went to surgery and  even at nine months pregnant it was only 110/70.  While that was up from my normal, it was still well below text book normal.  Then after the c-section they kept getting readings like 148/85 and such.  It never went down!  I don't know what happened to me.  But I have no doubt something that happened during that delivery changed me forever.



  1. I have been told I have "white coat syndrome". The sight of a doctor or nurse with a blood pressure meter immediately sends my pressure sky high!

  2. I have a little bit of the same thing; inherited from my dad. If I ever read in the teens or lord forbid 120 over something, I am very concerned even though the nurse thinks it's pretty good. I always thought this was great until my dad got older and turns out it's not so good and causes dizzy spells. It's always something.

  3. Barbara,

    Interesting! My vitals are always good. My blood pressure is quite normal. I remember a few years back while in the hospital they gave me pain meds that made me super loopy and dropped my blood pressure very low scaring the nurses to death. I told them I didn't want that pain medicine again. I hate being out of control. That's interesting how your blood pressure reading changed after the C-section,though. I wonder what caused that, did you ever ask the doctor?

    1. Yes, I asked at my six week checkup. He was like "you're 38 years old and just had a baby. Monitor it for another month or two and if it is still up, go see your MD." Which I did. Told M.D. story and he was much like the OBGYN. "Here, take this little low dose pill."


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