Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J is for Jesse Ruth & Jesse Oah

My mother was named after both her mother and her father.  Her father was named Jesse Oah and her mother was Ruth Catherine.  Mother was named Jesse Ruth.  (Click her name to read all about her.)  Her Ruth was why Bubba wanted Ruth for little Hazil's middle name.  And by naming her that he graced mama, my grandmother, and my sister Edna who is really an Edna Ruth. 

Hazil honors some folks on Candi's side of the family, but it also honors Pete's mama, and his sister Darlene who is actually Hazel Darlene.

The point is, I'm glad they are kids who want to honor folks from their past in naming thier child instead of just wanting the newest popular name.  It shows the respect they both have for family, thier elders and things from the past.  And that they easily agreed on the name shows that they share a common set of core values.  I sure am proud of my granddaughter's parents.  ;o)


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