Friday, June 3, 2005

Answering Journal Jar Question #58

Journal Jar Question #58 - What convinced you the most in your choice of a spouse?

Humm....was it any one thing? Keep in mind, I was not allowing Christ to be Lord of my life at the time. So I did not consult Him, or seek His will. I made a purely human, worldly, carnal choice when I picked my sweet and precious Pete. He did everything a man was "supposed" to do: opened every door, pulled out every chair, took my coat, you name it. He courted me. Also, when he was out of work briefly, he spent his very last dime on a Valentine card for me. So I knew he was not selfish. He was handsome and fun. Could, can, make me laugh. He respected his parents very much. All the women in his life highly recommended him. But the two things that touched my heart the most were that he was content and able to just hold me, cuddle. And the fact that he was strong enough to stand up to me when I was totally wrong or irrational. Most of the thoughtful and kind men I had ever dated would crumble and back down when I strongly asserted myself. So I felt the odds were good he would never come to resent me and I would never lose all respect for him. So far, this has held true. Twenty-one years together, this past March. (But I owe God much credit and thanks for that!)

So yesterday, Bug went to my sister's house and spent the day playing with her cousins from Houston. They had a ball! Bubba went with me to town to buy groceries and then when we were home and I had them put away, he took me on a ride down the pipeline in his hoopie. We had no problem getting thru the mudholes and bogs. It was nice, just the two of us. But hot! Now, he has come in today and told me he has stuck it in the pipeline. I will have to go down there with him and keep the chain taught while he come-a-longs it out of the hole. Yippee! : \

Today's journal is by a fellow Texan, named Donna. I love her flat out blunt style. She makes frequent posts. My favorite ones are when she records conversations she has had with her boys or some other family member. Her journal is called: Sweeping the Cobwebs from my Mind.

Now for our look at the word. "Stop your anger! Turn off your wrath. Don't fret and worry - it only leads to harm." Psalm 37:8. TLB Read the entire chapter. The Lord laughs at the wicked, who plot against the godly. He knows their judgement is coming. Don't despair. Don't be angry. Trust glorifies God - not anger. (This chapter was the rock that I leaned on to get thru the worst time of my life! I cannot tell you how often I prayed thru these verses. But I can tell you that God is faithful!) God bless all my J~land friends!


  1. Sounds as if you and Budda had a great time yesterday. Hope you don't get all muddy today helping him get unstuck.  Pete sounded like the perfect gentleman in your courting days. Helen

  2. What a lovely thing to say about your husband I am sure he feels the same way have a good weekend God bless kelley

  3. Haven't heard the word hoopie in a long time. lol I have ridden in a few of those. Paula


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