Sunday, June 26, 2005

Spanky, Darla and Our Gang

If any of you have a memory of "Our Gang" let me tell you that they are alive and well here in Caneyhead! Bubba and a younger cousin, from thru the pipeline, have cleaned-out a small corner of the woods in the back and made it into clubhouse central. They are there everyday......almost all day long. There is a table. Bubba bought a tarp to put up for shelter from passing showers, a can of Deep Woods Off. Cinderblocks ringing a fire-hole for a little light at night and smoke to ward off insects. He's even hooked up some battery-powdered radio out there. So, those two, plus Bug, and a man down the roads grandson are wiling-away the days in good-old lazy summer fashion. Bug has traded in her cool summer shorts, for jeans each day so she can tote the pocket knife her Bubba gave her in a ritual Spanky and the crew would have been proud of. But there is some strife amongst the membership, as bug wanted to bring the white kitten there to pet and she was told this was a dogs only club. I'm sure Darla could sympathize.

"Spanky, will you swing me before we have lunch?"

"Sure Darla!"

"Hey, Romeo, what about your promise to the He-Man Woman Haters Club?!"

And REO Speedwagon breaks into "She Doesn't Like Tough Guys."

Hey! The British are coming! The British are coming!.........No....not redcoats. Not even the Beatles. It's Jeanette's Jottings! If you think Brits are stuffy, you have to go and visit Jeanette for awhile. This housewife and grandmother is full of vim, vigor and wit that will perk up your day. There is plenty of boasting about her grandchild, and lots about her garden (which is gorgeous and very English.!) Plenty of humor and some ghostly, gouly tales like only England can generate.

Now for the Word on our Words. From Ecclesiastes 7: 8 & 9 "Finishing is better than starting! Patience is better than pride! Don't be quick-tempered -- that is being a fool" Leave itto Solomon (the Preacher) to be blunt and to the point. You can never eat a meal you do not finish. Impatience stems out of pride, "You are wasting my dare you treat me like that?!" Short fuses and hair-triggers end up only hurting the innocent.


  1. how wonderful kids are what a great way to spend the summer.  I also agree with you on jeanette jottings I love her journal she was one of the first I read. Thank you for the verse I loved it have a good cool day it is stiffiling hot and humid here God bless kelley

  2. It sounds as if the kids are having a ture old fashion summer.
    Like the good old days when you didnt watch TV all day and play vidio games. You were outside from sun up till past dark if mom would let you. Kids dont play outside any more. Mine wont TV and to go shopping.

  3. Yes, I am old enough to remember Spanky and the gang.  Sounds as if your lot are having a great summer, that is the way it should be, youngsters outside playing in the old fashioned way.  Too many of them spend so much time indoors now on computers and game boys.  Plenty of time for that when you get to my age!  
    What a suprise, thank you so very much for promoting me on your journal!  Shame us Brits have a reputation for being stuffy because we are not really like that, we have an earthy sense of humour and we are easy going.  I think movies have a lot to answer for showing us all with upper class accents, bowler hats and umbrellas lol.  Thank you once again, it was very very sweet of you.  Big hugs.  God bless xxxxxx

  4. Sounds as if the children are having a great summer. Yes, Jeannette has a great journal full of fun things. She does have a great sense of humor. The ghost stories are great. Just wait until her grandchild hears all of them LOL. Good Bible Verses today. Helen

  5. I love Jeannette's blog, She is one talented lady, isn't she? And I LOVE knowing
    "Our Gang' is alive and well. LOL.  Ecclesiastes is one of my favorite books in the Bible. So much wisdom contained there; written so eloquently. Thank you for today's words. Finishing IS indeed better than starting and what a blessing it is to learn patience. Hugs and always my prayers. Barb

  6. ...I'm sorry Spanky, I have to live my own life.  :)


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