Saturday, April 16, 2005

Scars of Hurt & Resentment

I decided to share this here also. It is a post I made at a group I belong to called Sarai Women. Gives you an idea about how I think and pray......and may help someone who is scarred. God Bless Your Day!

Subject: Re: Chapter 19: His Past
Date: 4/15/05 8:54 PM CST
Author: BhbnEr2Him

Hello Sisters! I had to mow some today and strange as it may seem I do some of my best praying and meditating riding that mower. It drowns out the world and puts me in a cocoon. Any way, I was out there and praying. Lifting up some sisters who have been very hurt in the past and the present by others. And all of a sudden God brings Dr. Washburn to mind. Now Dr. Washburn was a real Texas style plastice surgeon. Complete with a cigar in the ER! When I was 11 and our family was hit by a man who fell asleep at the wheel, Dr. Washburn was on call and sewed us all up. Now in a few months me and mom went back to him, because our injuries were on our faces and we needed some surgery to look more normal again....for the scar to not be so noticable and prominent. Dr. Washburn feels and pushes and pokes on mother's scar and tells her to make an appointment with receptionist to set up the 1st of her surgeries in a couple of weeks. Then he turns to me and again he pokes, pushes and feels. Then he shakes his head and turns to mom and'll be 4-5 years before we can do her. Mom is surprised and wants of course to know why. The doctor went on to explain that children's bodies were so busy growing that their scars actually healed slower than an adults. The scar tissue when new was stiff and hard. It had to get to the stage that it was soft and pliable before restoration could be done.

Now what I draw from this is that the scars on our hearts from hurts and unforgiveness are the same way!
The places where we have been scarred by hurt and resentment can not be restored by our Lord until they become soft and pliable. It may take a lot of time, but the scars can soften and heal! Sometimes the best steps are to pray to forgive. And to pray FOR person who caused the hurt, not ABOUT them. Once you start praying for someone, even if you don't "feel" it at first, eventually you will. You have to take the steps and do the actions like you have forgiven and let the true forgiveness follow in behind.
Then Jesus can sculpt and remake the damaged areas so that they are once again pleasing to His eye!

Just the thoughts of a sister on her mower. May you all be blessed with a Glorious Weekend in the Lord!



  1. very profound entry and very true.  

    "Just the thoughts of a sister on her mower. " LOL you should put that as your description for your journal.. it is toooooooo perfect.

    Welcome to J~Land!

    Much Love,

  2. Absolutely Awesome, that is just what I needed to read. I am glad I took the time to read down further in your jounal entries and found just what has been bothering me. Praise His wonderful name and God bless you dearly, your sister in Christ, Sylvia


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