Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Blackberries and Catfish

Okay, I am starting this entry for the second time! Got called away to prayer....but that's OK. That's our job. All who belong to Christ! I feel good today! The Lord has blessed me with sunshine and good friends. And I had a great day yesterday with the kids!

They were home from school, though I never was really sure of the reason!?!? I sent Hubby Pete of to work and relaxed with coffee and this on-line world while the kids slept in. It is amazing what time for mom can do for a mom's attitude and outlook! Around 10 (I'm in the Central Standard Time zone.) I woke the kids and while they dressed I made out a list. Then we all headed for town. I went by the Credit Union to make a deposit 1st thing.....so I wouldn't fool around and forget. Then we stopped off into Dollar General.

Do they have those all over? I like to get certain items there......they are cheaper than anyone on generic over the counter meds and nuts and snack crackers..... I digress. Last Friday would have been my wonderful mother-in-law's bithday. But the Lord chose to take her home in January of 2004. So, while we were there, the kids picked out the silk flowers and then we went to the graveyard. We left her some large bright red roses. Hazel sure loved red if ever a woman loved red! And it felt good to remember her together.......and for once none of us cried. This was the last grandparent my children had on the face of this earth, so it has been very hard for them. And of course it was hard on Pete, being her son. But it was also one of the hardest losses I ever had. She was a warm, funny lady. The life of the party at one time. She just took me right in and treated me with respect from the beginning. So she was a good mother-in-law (yes, there are a few!) and she was on of my best friends. I had lost my mother two years before I married Pete and over time and the years, (we've been married 21) she became a surrogate mother to me. When Christ got my wondering attention 12 years ago and drew me back to Him, I began to pray for my husband and his entire family's salvation. Hazel was saved shortly thereafter. And I was priveledged to witness her baptizim! There after, we embarked on a brand new relationship.....that of Sisters in Christ. And no one has ever had better!

So, it may sound selfish to say, but I lost four people the day she passed. Four of the most important people in my life.

But that was not the main story.......lol. Me and the kids shopped at Wally-World and then had lunch together at Mickey-D's. (That's Barbara-speak for Wal-mart and McDonald's.) And it was pleasant! We had conversation! Just the kids and me. We got the groceries and headed for home. They helped me bring the bags in and while i put things away, they went blackberry picking. Now we have some huge tame blackberries, but very few of them are ripe yet......so mostly it was actually what we call dewberries that they picked. Down the road. In the curve. At the old Williams Compresser Station. (This is oil country, remember.)

When we were all finished, we got back in the car and went up to Fred to return a borrowed cooler and to pick up some catfish that Pete's cousin had for us. Glad he is retired and just fishes his life away! Back at home I started off the gumbo we had for supper and the kids messed around in the yard and did chores. Bubba came in the house with a baby wood-duck! Seems it had been caught in our fence and he had a notion we'd keep it inside as a pet. Bug was all for it! Mama said "NO". Take the baby back to the pond and let it go just as near it's family as you can. Of course we all petted the little soft downey thing first!

Later on, Pete got in from work. Seems he had stopped by Wally-World himself to get a new weedeater and went on back to layaway while he was there and got the car stereo that Bubba had back there out for him! Were we all shocked! But was that one happy boy! The shrimp gumbo was deliciuos and we all had more than we should............So that was my very good day with the kids.

Before I leave, I want to give you an animal update. The three baby chicks in our bathroom are thriving and surviving! Won't be long we can move them to a pen outside. Hopefully before they can hop out of their box!

Our Tennessee Walking horse still has no foal! Her name on the papers is Immaculate Conception.........I am beginning to think it should have been Perpetually Pregnant! I least maybe I'll have film and money for a disk of pictures by then, so you can all rejoice with us!

I have to do like the teens now and give a shout-out to my dear sister Joyel:

HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May God bless all who come this way!



  1. aww what a sweet entry.

    Your discripton of country life makes me home sick for Tomahawk Wis.. lol driving to town.

  2. Hey barbara,
            How many animals do you have?
    We have Dollar General stores here in Ga.--and Tn.
    I cant go in ours without spendding $30 to $40.
    They have built them on every conner.
    I'm glade you had a good day with the kids.
    take care

  3. Oh, I love comments and enjoy questions!  GrahamFarmGA, thank you for leaving both.

    Current inventory of animals at our house:

    5 full blood Boston Terriers (Three in house, two outside)

    4 dogs of mixed breed - all outside

    5 cats (and some kittens somewhere!?)

    5 horses and one on the way - three are walking horses, one is a quarter horse and
                       then there is a racking pony.
    3 hogs - one boar named Junior after Pete's daddy's nickname (weighing almost
                      1,000 lbs!)  And two sows.
    An undetermined amount of chickens, with a disproportionate amount of roosters.

    I think the turkeys are all gone........as I have not seen one in quite some time.

    I believe that is all that we actually own and feed.  But since we are located jam up against a National Wildlife Preserve we have plenty of deer, coons, rabbit, squirrels, snakes and all other assorted animals coming thru, by or over.  Oh and birds!  Lots of Birds!  Bird watchers come from all over because we supposedly have a wide diversity and some rare finds.    

    The kids just got in from school!   So I have stories to hear and snacks to fix and spelling words to go over!


  4. lol barb, wally world and mikky dees isn't just barb talk, it shows you are true redneck. its good to see someone who usesthe words i use. i'm a country girl form a smalltown in kentucky, lol can't get much more redneck than that. but i wouldn't trade it for anything. sending blessings and love, jess

  5. Barb we have Dollar General here in West Central Florida, I love it!  I like to buy my laundry detergents and cleaning supplies there too.  And like you I also say Wally World and Micky D's!  But we're pretty much rednecks here too.  We have only 2 horses and they are expensive, I can't imagine 5 or 6!  We are getting a baby goat soon, it isn't weaned yet, so we have to wait a little longer.  Sorry about your mother-in-law, birthdays and holidays can be really hard for a long time after loosing a loved one.  I am glad to know that she trusted in Christ before her death.  Have a good one!  .:Barbara:.

  6. Wow I feel like I am from outer space being from the city up here in the north.  Nothing close to what you are talking about but praise God we still are on the same page.  Your life there sounds so peaceful and fun, wish I could do half of those things.  Well, we have a place called Family Dollar, it is good on saving money I get my clothes detergent and paper goods there mostly. We just got Walmarts close to us this year before you had to travel to get there so it was a treat now it is always so full of people and very noisy.
    I am so glad your kids had a day off to spend with you and glad you are teaching them to honor their grandmother's memory, I am sorry for your lost of a good friend they are hard to find. Well thank you for the look into your world, I love animals only we city slickers cant have any. So I am looking forward to reading about all of yours and seeing them soon when God blesses you with a new digital camera. take care Sylvia


So glad you stopped by! Come 'round any time. ~ Barbara

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