Tuesday, April 26, 2005

6th Devotion on Marriage

smile Hello one and all! Welcome to my journal and this series. I pray that is serves it's intended purpose which is to get you looking into the Word of God and seeking His will for you and your life as a spouse. Never blindly accept anyone's comments or teachings on scripture. Always examine them against the Bible and the Spirit!

Today's verses are listed in my concordance under the heading: Wives/good. Truly, God intended for wives to be a good thing in a man's life. Was not Eve provided to be a helpmate? We hold a very powerful position in our men's lives. How we treat them, interact and respond to them can have a profound impact on all other areas of his life. Therefore, to paraphrase a little, before you get after the splinter in his life that irritates you or disappoints you, check for the board in your own life. It may be true you can't change him, but you can change you. When you change you, he has something new to react to. See what brings out the best in your man.

"A worthy wife is her husband's joy and crown; the other kind corrodes his strength and tears down everything he does." Prov. 12:4 TLB Pray and ask the Lord to show you which kind of wife you are in each area of your relationship. Since your life is tied up in his it behooves you to help him be the best he can be, to help him succeed in each area of his life as it will surely impact your life!

"The man who finds a wife finds a good thing; she is a blessing to him from the Lord." Prov. 18:22 TLB Wow! Now that is awesome. We are one of God's blessings to our spouse. Consider are we worthy of that title? Do we honor God in this or bring shame to His Holy Name? There is a song that says "make me a channel of blessing today...make me a channel of blessing I pray." Let us ask Him each day how we can be that channel of blessing for our husbands.

"...and a nagging wife annoys like constant dripping." Prov. 19:13 TLB Okay. I know my husband sometimes thinks just to mention that something isn't working right (That commode stopped up again.) is nagging. There are times when I don't tell him something or remind him of something, then it is...shame on me for letting him forget! There are others when I do and then it's will you please get off my back! But I strive to filter things likethis by asking myself if he truly needs to know. What will happen if he does forget? That kind of thing. So he won't feel he is getting so much nagging. But we all know there is the other kind. The whinny, mean-spirited, implying he's failing in some way kind of nagging. Well, stop it! Stop it because it isn't Godly and because it WILL NOT yield the results you are looking for. It will only make him reclusive, drive him to avoid you, ignore you.

Read thru and pray and meditate upon Proverbs 31:10-31 The following is an outline from a sermon upon these verses:

1. She is trustworthy.
2. She builds you up and is a good companion.
3. She works hard in her home and for her family.
4. She gets up early and is available at any time.
5. She gives wise advice to her family.
6. She has compassion for those outside her family.
7. She is prepared for every need and situation.
8. She takes care of her appearance.
9. She adds to and aids your reputation.
10. She is optimistic and hopeful.
11. Kindness and pleasant words are her qualities.
12. She loves God and puts Him 1st.

May this be a blessing to your heart and home. Please spread the word about this site and this series! Please share what God has spoken to your heart. Confused about something, ask a question. Need prayer, an accountably partner or mentor? Send me an e-mail with your request:   BHbnEr2Him@aol.com .


  1. I can not tell you how glad I am that I did find your journal and how encouraging it has been to me.. and your comments in my own journal too are a blessing.

    There is a lot of wisdom to glean off this post.  I know I am not the perfect Proverbes 31 wife (just yet) and I will have to ask the Lord to work on me in those areas I am lacking.  LOL #4 & #7 & #8 perticularly.  : )  How easy it is to pick out what we don't do, but I know compared to some of my husband's peer's wives, I am more of a partner, more of a helper and encourager, and I do curb the nagging lol.  My husband works in a industry where there is a high divorce rate so he is always coming home and saying so and so are separted or getting a divorce and he hugs me a bit closer.

    I was just wondering.. is there a Proverbs husband??

  2. Copied....Pasted.....Printed.....

    An outline for my life.

    Thanks Sister!

  3. I am so glad to see that my dear buddy WIMGOR made it by!  Thanks sis!

    And I sure am getting to love you Mary!  Your gift must be encouragement!  I haven't heard of a "Proverbs man" .......but the one that Paul describes in chapter 5, verses 21-33 sounds pretty good!  That devotion is coming down the road.  Hope your still with me for it!

    Love to my sisters,


  4. debbi
    thanks! very nice! what inspired this!
    lots of hugs

  5. Oh, this was great.  Very inspiring.



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