Sunday, August 3, 2008

So, AOL made me out a liar!

I had just told Jeannette that I hadn't had any problems with alerts.  I haven't posted an entry in a I surely wasn't expecting any comment alerts.  Then as I read one after another of you grossing over missed comment alerts, I thought, why not just check out my blog.  Just in case.

And low and behold!  I have had a number of comments.  Comments congratulating me on being a Guest Editor's pick over at Magic Smoke!  Well, blow me over with a feather! 

I'm so far behind on journal alerts, as things have been so hectic around here and I've gotten in a habit of playing on Facebook.  And Bubba talked me into updating my MySpace.  So, I hadn't gotten down to the alert from Lynne's post at Magic Smoke.

All I can say reallly is thank you Lynne for your gracious and kind comments about me.  And thanks to those of you who have been stopping by to check me out or wish me congratulations. 


United States Port Bolivar, Texas 71 
Miles from Caneyhead.    SALUTE!!!!   I chose you because it always thrills me to see Texans reading my blog.  And because this is the jumping off point to catch the ferry over to Galveston Island. 




  1. so glad you thought to look in your blog! again congrats on being a guest editor's pick!!!


  2. congrats on being a pick!!!  :)

  3. I am mad about alerts because I reported it on Friday and nothing was done, I had been having problems for several days. Luckily I installed that widget from Technorati on my sidebar.  It tells me who has posted and when and I can visit their journal so I have not yet fallen behind.  But it does not work with private journals so I still need alerts to work.  Congratulations my friend on being a Guest Editor's pick.

  4. congrats on your pick....but doesn't surprise me a bit LOL...I will have to check out some of the places you mentined...I ten to get in a rut alerts are ok....alot of folks read my journal but don't comment per se on the journal...but send me an email....kinda nice any way you look at it ....!!!!  again congrats and God Bless....Ora in I had Bubba around for a day or two LOLOL....!!!!!

  5. Hi Barbara- How cool about guest editor pick.  Good for you!  God Bless and I hope you have a Blessed week~ Love Carolyn

  6. congrats on guest editors pick

  7. congrats!!!


  8. Well congratulations!  But of course I didn't get an alert from AOL on THIS entry!!! Grrrr!!!

    I followed you here from Facebook telling me you had updated your blog.  AOL is ticking me off royally!


  9. Congratulations on being a guest editor's pick, and I'm so glad you decided to check your comments! lol

  10. I just checked the weather forcast... you might want to reconsider that trip to galveston island...  ;)  Be careful down there... praying for y'all...


  11. Congratulations on being guest editor's pick!

    Krissy :)

  12. I guess I am a little late :-)  Congrats on being a guest editor's pick.  
    Only 71 miles? You could get together for lunch
    ;O ~Mary

  13. Morning, well almost noon would seem like my brain has gone on "freeze" mode as I do not handle stress very well and after just dealing with Chuckie's heart attack my 43 yr. old son Todd (TJ) is in hospital where they are trying to find out why two parts of the blood system are not reproducting.  Can NOT remember their names....anyway he is having a bone marrow test this am.
    I am praying so hard that his cancer has not come back as he has been free for so many years.

    Barb, I dearly covet your prayers and the ones of the SIC...with my AOL account going wonky I can not find any address or whatever...although ABICEQUEEN has been suspended (??not sure why) I have started ChefLjj with aol and it seems to work although my blog is on..

    I am going to go rest now as my body says it is time.   I woke up in the middle of the night to watch some of the Olympics and immediated fell back asleep.


    Lori  (A child of the King)   Alberta, Canada

  14. Just want to say congratulations on your well deserved honour and thank you for taking the trouble to visit my journal. Kindest regards, Liz


So glad you stopped by! Come 'round any time. ~ Barbara

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