Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Itsy Bitsy Spider...

This entry started when I went to read my friend Jon's post in his blog titled:  The Writin' Spider.  For full effect I suggest you start there, too.  Now Jon post's lots of huntin' and fishin' stories.  Some funny antidotes, a little family history and such also dot his blog

Anyway, back to my story.  I read his entry and left the following comment behind:

My family calls any spider they find around our house my pets, because I asked them not to tear down every web they saw or try to kill every spider.  The web really helps stop bleeding.  I want some around in case of an awful emergency.
I have never heard of a writin' spider.  But then I am East Texas.  Best as I can see, it looks like what hubby calls a banana spider.  When I saw the title I thought maybe you had Charlotte at your house! 'o)

And Jon sent me this reply:

We have lots of spiders up here and we have a lot of Black Widows.  There
used to be a lot of Tarantulas too, but I guess that, like our Horned Toads,
DDT got 'em!

I have heard that spider web helps to stop bleeding, but have never tried

So I responded by sharing this short story with him:

My Daddy always said when he was a boy about nine that his brother, Hightower, ran into a barbed wire strand and sliced his neck open.  Way out in the country.....must of been around 1930.  An old woman put spider web on his wounds and quoted a verse from the Bible.  Daddy always claimed the bleeding stopped immediately. 
Well, a couple of years ago we had a little dog that was like family. She was older and took blood thinner and heart meds. One day she jumped out of an old truck and her toenail got ripped off in a old spring in the seat.  A weekend. All the vets closed.  Bleeding profusely.  Called the animal ER.  Much too expensive for us to take her.  Keeping it compressed was doing no good.  And I remembered Daddy's story.  And went and looked under the eaves of the house for spider web.  Found some without a dead bug in it.  Brought it in and applied it to her foot and within 20 minutes she was not bleeding.  We kept her still and quiet and she never had anymore problem.


That's when Jon answered me with this note:

Wow!  what a story!  You ought to make a post out of it.
I reflected upon his words and decided I should share it here.  So now you know the rest of the story.  ;o)  



  1. I've heard of spiders that stop bleeding before must be true.

  2. I have heard of this before but never tried it.  Fascinating.  We do not have deadly spiders over here only the normal house spiders and garden ones.  I never kill them because I remember the old saying "if you want to live and thrive, let the spider run alive."

  3. I had heard of this but had forgotton all about it. Thanks for the reminder. The web must have a blood clotting formula in it for sure. Helen

  4. That was very interesting!! I have never heard of that before. We live way out in the country. That might save one of our lives someday. Thank you. I have a questiont you know what Bible verse your grandmother quoted? I am very interested. It is funny how God has given us the means to take care of ourselves in nature. We have all we need and just dont realize it..hugs, Christine

  5. I have never heard that....with all the spiders we have around our home...we should be safe hehe....


  6. 2nd comment:

    I went & read his blog after I commented...I will have to take pictures of the same spiders from my house...they are HUGE....we leave them alone, they collect ALOT of bugs....

    but they sure are creepy....


  7. That's great stuff about the webs.  Fun to read!

  8. Darn- I had no idea!  Here, I thought I was hangin on to all our webs to take care of pesky bugs!  I hope I never have to try it, but I'm grateful to keep it in mind if any of us gets in such a predicament!  I sure love your stories Barbara!  That "bob war"  (That's one of the few things I learned to speak Texan when I lived there!)  must have really hurt!  Poor dog too!  God Bless y'all!  Love Carolyn

  9. That was a great story.  I have read of people using spider webs to stop bleeding but never had an opportunity to try it.  Now I can say I "know" someone who has done it.  Thanks for the link to Jon's blog, too.

  10. Now that is one I have never heard, spiderwebs stopping bleeding...
    What a great entry!
    Have a blessed weekend!
    Linda :)

  11. great story, i have never heard of that before, i will try to remember that it might come in handy. and i'd like to test the theory take care mrs t xx

  12. dearest Barbara, what an interesting story!
    thank you!


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