Monday, May 16, 2005

Here Comes the New Line UP

Well, Goodmorning to all! It is amazing what God can do. Despite loosing Uncle Lenox, I had one of the best weekends I have had in ages! Give ya'll a quick recap.

Friday, I started my day on here as usual. Then my sister dropped by with some new hand-me-down dresses from her friend, Norma. I hate to shop and hardly ever do. Oh, if I pass by something and happen to like it, I'll stop and look at the price and if I can afford it, I'll get it. And occasionally something wears out and has to be replaced, so I have to go looking - but I never just say, oh.....I think I want to shop today. Guess I'm not a girly-girl. So hand-me-downs is my dream way of getting new clothing! And it sure doen't bother Pete since it is light on his back pocket.

Then I did a couple of things I just had to do, and got ready to go to the school for Bug's Field Day. I had not told her I was planning on coming, so she was thrilled when she saw me walking up. They had silly games and games of skill and the big rented things like an inflated slide and the cage full of balls. All the kids enjoyed thierself and then she got to come home early with me. I rested and relaxed. Bug chattered like a mag-pie. Later I cleaned up and got ready to go to the funeral home. As soon as Pete got to the house, I hugged him and left. When I got back home about 9pm, the guys were in the shop mechanicing again and Bug had watched movies and ate junk all evening. I got comfy and fried up some burgers for us all. Ended up sleeping until 12:15 Saturday afternoon! Gee, I am getting too good at that on Saturdays when Pete's not on call. So, by the time I sat around and drank coffee, checked my emails and messed with the journal, spent a little time with was time to get ready for the funeral. Afterwards, I had to run in the grocery store for a couple of items and stop in at a parts store to get Pete a couple of things. I came, got comfy. The guys will still at it in the shop. I did my chores, which right now consist of tending to the five baby chicks, watering the horses and hosing out the dog pen. Bug and I traded the horses and hogs not long ago. Bubba's chore is to feed everthing. I relaxed inside with Bug and we played some Yatzee. She yatzeed three times! Reckon she's figured out cheating??! I visited online and watched Enterprise. Finally told the guys about 1am that I was going to bed, supper is on the stove. So of course they came a rushing in then!

Sunday morning with beautiful! One of those days when the air feels soft. Bug was the only one to go to church with me, as the guys were so late finishing that truck and had worked so hard all day Bubba just couldn't get himself up. I took a half of watermelon for the children's church snack. They love it when I do that. We finish up our lesson and go out to a picnic table and I cover it with newspaper, feed them slices of watermelon till big church lets out. Most snacks I limit the amount, so as not to spoil their appetite for whatever lunch plans the parents have....But on watermelon days, it's all you can eat.

On the way home, I had to stop to pick up a Sunday paper and jug of milk. Bug asked for a little cheap made $2 badmitton set. I said okay. When we got home and Daddy saw it and how much fun she and I were having trying to play with it, he decided to send us to Wally World to get a real one. Pete mowed the back yard and when we got home he set up the net between two large old pecan trees, in his good SanAugustine grass. He had stopped by a meat market one day the last week and bought some good fresh country-style ribs and link sausage, so he fired up the pit, and we all had a relaxing day around the picnic table and playing our new badmitton/volleyball/horse shoe set. I couldn't tear myself away for evening services. Just stayed home and enjoyed the moment. Temperature was just right, no misquitoes came out and some friends stopped by. Hated for it to end. We finally tore ourselves away and came in at ten o'clock and headed for bed.

But the best part of the weekend wasn't what happened, but what I felt and how Pete acted. I felt more myself, more upbeat and whole than I have in months. Less aches and pains, too. And Pete was so relaxed, seemed not to be stressed at all about anything. And extra kind to me all weekend. So this was one to savor! Even the house didn't fall all apart on me! Usually by the end of the weekend, I have lost all ground I gained in housework the previous week.

I know this entry is a little on the long side, but I want to stay true to my word. After being in Journal land for a month, I want to pass on some of my favorite journals. I certainly haven't been everywhere and am sure there are many goods ones I have yet to find. But these are some along the vain of my interests. I will introduce one a day and then add to my Other Journal links. The order is based on the order in which I found them, not a reflection of the content or style. So without further ado, my 1st mention is Farm Life written by Teri, a 38 year old mother of three teenage girls living in Crawfish Springs, GA. She and her husband have a farm with goats, cows, chickens, ducks, rabbits, etc. She's very down to earth and plain spoken. Often has some really good photos of her animals, and can tell a story with some very dry wit. This journal is mostly a chronicle of farm living. For more serious issues and reflections, she keeps another called Look at Life. I especially like the entries titled, poem and words of wisdom. So stop over when you get a chance and see what is going on at the farm.

And now for the 1st little devotion on our words, speech and anger. I know for me, my speech flows along fairly upright until I get angry or frustrated. Then I revert back to old habits and patterns without any conscious thought at all. Things are flying out of my mouth faster than I can think. That is why I am including anger in this series. Each entry should be shorter than the ones on marriage, so they'll usually be at the bottom of a daily post....unless I find nothing else to share or say that day, then they'll stand alone.

Here we go: First stop Genesis. Chapter 27 vs. 43-45. "This is what to do," she said. "Flee to your Uncle Laban in Haran. Stay there with him awhile until your brother's fury is spent, and he forgets what you have done." This is Rebekah speaking to Jacob after he had tricked Isaac into giving him Esau's blessing and Esau into selling his birthright for a bowl of poridge. Doesn't matter that Esau had some right to be angry....furiuous with his trickster brother. If they had been in close proximity at this time, there would have probably been a killing, much like Cain and Able. So when confronted with ferce anger directed your way, whether deserved or undeserved, the best thing to do is to make a retreat and give time a chance to cool the fires of passion. Yeah, it's hard not to put in that one last take that little jab and the one who is ranting at you, but it is for the best. You'll be gaurding yourself from becoming too angry and intense and allow the other person to begin to think more rationally and calmly. Then you can approach them for forgiveness if you did wrong them. Or to find out what was behind their rush of anger. It worked for Jacob! Esau was truly happy to have his brother return when he finally did. He had gotten over his anger, gone on with his life and became a successful man in his own right. We will probably not have to leave the country or stay away for years. It make take as little or an hour, or sometimes a month or more. Just be in prayer in the meantime as to what if anything you did to deserve it, and for the person harboring the anger toward you and for the Spirit of Forgiveness to proceed you into your next meeting.

May you all be blessed with peace and forgiveness today!


  1. So glad that despite your loss and the funeral you were able to have such a lovely weekend.

  2. Sounds like you had a good weekend after all following the funeral.
    The advice on anger is a good one, only thing is if I get angry I think things have to be settled right away. Of course it doesn't always work out like that and takes a while to straighten things out. Helen

  3. Thank you for putting my link in your journal! I'm glade you had a good weekend. I know you've had some trying moments with Pete latly. Thank you for sending Karen a E-mail also. I'm glade you found my journal I have enjoyed your comments  you always make sure you leave one. I enjoy reading your journal but I'm bad I dont always comment. But If your wondering "You do touch lifes with your devotions"

  4. Thanks for leaving a link to your journal. I can't wait to read more!


  5. It's always a blessing to visit your journal. May God bless you and yours.

  6. So nice to meet you barbara! I always like discovering new journals. Thank you for visitng me and I hope to see more of you!


  7. Thank you for the link to your journal and for stopping by mine.  I love meeting new J Land friends.  


  8. So glad you had a great weekend!!!
    Hope you have a great week too...

  9. sounds like you had a lovely weekend.  I look forward to your "pimping" of new journals you have found.  I always like making new J~Land friends : )

    And very good thoughts about anger.  

    Much Love


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