Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Berries Among the Briars

I am more certain than ever that I am supposed to post this, as my computer just froze and I lost it right after I finished and here I am starting all over!

Bubba has been after me for almost a week now to make a dewberry cobbler. He and Bug went out and picked what they could find here at the house yesterday, but it wasn't quite enough berries. So I promised I'd go today and get some more, down around the curve, off of Mrs. Key's fence.

Now, while I was out in the sun, misquitoes, briars and poison oak I began to ponder. ( Hadn't had a chance to lately, as it's been too dry to mow. ) Seems life is full of it's own thorns of persecution and trial, poison positions and people, pesky misquitoe-like frustrations and circumstances. A lot of my friends seem to be in the midst of it all right now.

As I continued on with my thinking, with the background of bird calls and an occasional rooster crow, the Spirit began to speak to my heart. I was reaching in deep thru the briars for the juicy plump berries. See our hot Texas sun dries the ones on the fringe so quickly. So, you must work in among the briars and poison oak to reach the best fruit.

Often times in our place of briars and poison oak, Jesus wants us to reach in and take the good fruit he is offering to us there. Can't get it just anywhere, has to come thru a little trial and trouble. Most any really good country fruit is that way. If you go for figs, there will be many red wasps and bees around, drawn by their tender sweetness. Mayhaw gathering leads you to wet, marshy places where you are likely to encounter a watermocosin or two. Climbing after a golden pear, is likely to leave YOU with a broken limb. The alternative is to gently shake them down and that might leave you with a bumb on your head. But it is all worth it when the good fruit is in your possesion, like the basket of berries on my kitchen counter. And the joy and satisfation of sharing the ministry of the fruit with others, like I'll bless my children with that warm berry cobbler this afternoon!

Please, if you find yourself in a briar patch don't scramble to get out. Let the gentle Spirit of our Savior lead you thru the midst of the thorns for the choice fruit. Put on the protective layer of prayer so no harm befalls you when you rub up against the poison of this world. Let Jesus bless you with a harvest of fruit, so that you may feed others of that blessing.

I know without a doubt if I had not gone thru my own very thorny situation a few years back, I wouldn't be writing this post. I would have never searched deep for the choice fruit. I wouldn't have the burden to share my fruit. It was there that he called me to minister to other women the things he showed me in that time. Just as I received scratches reaching thru to get the best berries, you may suffer a little pain now. But my scratches no longer sting and your pain too will be gone when the harvest comes in!

May God Bless and Keep You All, My Friends!


  1. Your journal is such a lovely place to visit.  Never leave without feeling happier than when I arrived. Thanks for taking time to post such lovely, uplifting things.

  2. Very good entry, You did good with comparing that berry patch with life. I can almost taste that pie and almost feel all those annoying things that happen to you when you are picking berries. Are there any snakes around those bushes? There used to be snakes around this part of the country around the berry bushes after those insects that makes use of all the juicy fruit. It's been years since I went berry picking. Helen

  3. good points to keep in mind.. especialy when I am in such a mood as I am in today. : )

  4. A very good lesson for us all to take to heart. Paula

  5. Good entry! I enjoy reading your journal. I thought that I was the only one that finished my entries only to lose them! LOL

  6. This is awesome! Well written examples of what you have to go through to get the best fruit. I'm so glad you shared it again so I could catch it. Bet your cobbler is a crowd pleaser. ;-) It's only through God's grace that I'm even here to begin to know Him. Blessings, Deb


So glad you stopped by! Come 'round any time. ~ Barbara

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