Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What is it?

On a whim, I stopped on my way home long enough to photograph this and thought I'd have a little fun with it here on L & F.

I'm asking all of my readers to try to identify this contraption.  Please, no cheating off of someone else's comment. 

Be serious or be ludicrous.  Either way is fine with me.  I'll post the actual answer on Sunday. 

Only one person ventured a guess.  :(   
But I'll tell you now it is a workover rig set up on an oilwell about a quarter mile from our house.


  1. Looks like an arm to a crane of some sort.

    I just heard about the explosion Texas near Waco. Walt is still in the area isn't he?


  2. Walt is alive & well. Said no one home but the horses and they didn't call him. He thinks that was on the far side of him.


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