Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Now I See

"He answered and said, Whether he be a sinner or no, I know not: one thing I know, that, whereas I was blind,   now I see." - John 9:25 KJV

I was pondering the words "now I see" today.  Thinking what all things could prevent one from seeing.  I came up with only three:  blindness, absence of light, and obstacles.  With that introduction I give you the following.

now I see

Here the emphasis is on the word I, for there had been only blindness before and now I see.  Blind to the fact that I was a sinner.  Blind to the fact that God loved me anyway.  Blind to the saving grace through the sacrificial death of Jesus that he offers to every one of us.  But I saw my sin as God sees it.  I believed God's love and confessed my sin to him.  I accepted Christ's free gift of salvation.   Now I see because the Holy Spirit lives within me.

now I see

Emphasis on the word see.  There were dark corners in my world and in my mind that prevented me from seeing.  There were obstacles of anger, self will & indulgence, long standing attitudes of my own and others.  Slowly, through the Word of God and the Guidance of His Spirit, light began to illuminate the dark corners and I could see the things He wanted to clean up or remove from my life.  I could see the blessings and gifts He wanted to put in their stead.  The obstacles began to melt away and fade until I could see my way to forgiveness, see God's will for me, see the need of others and see my attitudes change even when others didn't change with me.  Now I see because the Holy Spirit has taught me.

Now I see

Emphasis on the word Now, because for the first time ever I really and truly see!!  See the deeper meaning in life.  See now what is truly precious.  See God's provision for me and others.  See God's will at work in my life and through my life.  Now I see ...and I'm never going back to the blindness and the darkness!  I know where to go to dissolve, remove, get over or around the obstacles!  Jesus sought me and bought me and now I see.

Now I see, won't you?

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