Sunday, February 1, 2009

Thirteen makes a baker's dozen

Hello, all! We've recently gone into a rather bizarre boarding and tour enterprise. Pete's chicken coop sits on the top of the hill not far from where he buried our bunker in the ground. Below that is a semi-cleared sloping woody spot heading down into the baygall. From time to time, coons bother the chickens or their eggs.

Not too long ago, Pete and Bug noticed dear tracks near the wood line. So when they'd go to feed the chickens, they'd throw a handful of corn or two out in hopes of getting a "pet" deer that would come by regularly to eat and they could enjoy watching it. But Pete soon found by the tracks that varmints were eating his gift to the deer, not the deer.

So he started setting a live trap out, baited with corn. And each day he finds a coon in it. Different sizes and ages. Latest count is at twelve! That arises a whole new question of what to do with the scared, angry things. Contrary to opinion, all country rednecks do not eat coon. Pete could kill them, skin them and sell them. But that's just more work that would have to be done even on a bad day when you didn't feel up to it. And since he's not catching them in the act of disturbing eggs in the chicken coop, he can't bring himself to just blow them away and discard them.

That leaves him but one option, relocate them. Each day he brings the trap up the hill. The coon is given a bite of corn and a drink of water in their cozy accommodations. Then Pete or Bubba would load the trap in the back of the first truck headed away from here and release the perturbed creature in a new locale. Problems arose in that Pete rarely leaves the farm. And Bubba encountered his own problems. He'd take coons for rides to the feed store and back. Out on dates. And even into town to eat at Casa Ole. Then bring them straight back home.

Pete couldn't see tying up the trap long enough for these excursions. So, he began a new regime of he and Bug loading them up every evening after chores and driving them down the bottom of the hill and releasing them there. Bug's little pet, Blackie, rode along for the adventure and Pete soon found Blackie loved "escorting" the coons into their new tree-top accommodation. Sometimes they'd object to the first one she selected for them and come down. After some discussion, she'd direct them to another and stand watch until she felt sure they were settled.


Number twelve enjoyed a fire with us last night. He's basked in the sun today. Probably get his trip down the hill this evening. Good thing, too, as I am sure number thirteen wonders when he'll get to step into that box cage and begin his all expense paid tour.

On a more personal note;

God bless and keep you,



  1. Wow, twelve little critters. They are cute, but definitely are destructive and menances.

  2. thanks for the shout out and I hope you do sign up to be a Soldier Angel! I know they would enjoy reading this story of yours!

    this was so cute!! I can just imagine one accompanying Bubba on a date!!

    congrats to Bug for her great score too!!

    taxes---geesh it is that time.....we usually have to pay so we do it the very last moment.....glad you are getting a refund :)


  3. Are you sure you are not catchin some of the same coons? LOL Any WTG Bug. Good job of the taxes. And I dumped AOL and git firefox. WOW I love it. I have a link to AOL MAil and AOL home page. But it is SO much faster! Tabs too.

  4. I'd rather not know what is in our back woods, LOL. Enjoyed reading about the 13 coons!

  5. Dear Barbara,
    Congrats on Bugs' score! So is she going to Duke?!!!!!
    how exciting !
    Barb we have to catch coons here too and take them over tot he mountain for release!

  6. That is hilarious that the coons go on little excursions! I like that you relocate them! My neighbor befriended one and she feeds him every day.

  7. Loved the coon entry and so glad the return is in hand! Yay!

  8. Having a time thinking about Bubba taking them along on dates lol! We've been having similar happenings around here lately. Michael's been setting the hog tap, but everyone but hogs is getting at the food without setting off the trap! God Bless you Barbara- I'm sorry I haven't been around in a while.

  9. Hiya them coons...LOL..what a job relocating...are ya sure some are not coming back...??? oh every day something to think about huh??? LOL...and that Bug...she is a smart little lady for sure...hope Pete is feeling better these days...we have snow here again today...supposed 2-5 inches...and I do believe it will make it...just got rid of the ice...and now again!!! oh is back in...or it was...prolly be out again tomorrow...we have 9 make up days the middle of june before they are out...sighingheavily LOLOL...God Bless all...Ora

  10. Dear Barbara, hugs!:)
    please come by my blog , Tom's Journal and Dirk's blog to write comments about which of your rights as an American you feel are sacred to you.Apparently there is a senator who is in the midst of changing things...

  11. I have 2 Soldiers Angels & I enjoy the process very much. I am glad you sent an email because some people who were very kind in the past, in reference to my Dad, well, I just haven't located all the blogs yet. So glad to be reading yours now.
    The coon issue Hysterical. ~Mary


So glad you stopped by! Come 'round any time. ~ Barbara

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