Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yes, That's My Purse :oP

A while back I saw somewhere out there, where a person was going through their purse and listing what they found inside. (Sorry, I can't remember where!) I thought at first what a cute meme! Planned to do it. Then life caught me off-sides and I didn't get it done.

Part of that was coming home from work one evening and finding that Pete was waiting for me to take him to the hospital in Woodville per doctor's orders. He had gone to see her with a really bad chest cold that day. She wanted him to go and have a chest x-ray for two reasons: to confirm whether it was bronchitis and because the electrocardiogram they did in the office that day looked a little different from his last one. So, me, him and the Bug load up and take off. They saw no problems other than he did have bronchitis. As we started to leave it was after 11:00 pm in a small Texas town. I asked the nurse at the nurse's station where a person could still get something to eat. She said Jack-in-the-Box on the corner.

We pull into a vacant looking Jack only to be told by a boy as we were about to disembark that only the drive through was open. Oh, yuck. I had so wanted to sit down comfortably and eat. But we proceeded to the drive through order sign. The young man on the speaker was having a very hard time understanding what we were wanting. We thought he finally had it straight, but then proceeded to tell us our order was over $20. That was our first clue something was wrong.

They had supersized everything! Pete passed me my huge soft drink. Which I stuck between my legs in the seat, up close to me. Then I was passed my giant fries, that I placed in front of the drink toward my knees. Last, he passed my entree. As I was opening it, I felt my fries starting to slip out of my legs. Of course I didn't want them to nose dive into a filthy floorboard, so I instinctively clamped my legs together tighter.....OH, NO!!! My lap was instantly flooded with over 64 ounces of icy cold beverage!!!! WOW! There was one little hand towel in the car somewhere that I put in the seat after I threw the door open, wiped out all the ice I could. Then I had to make the 45 minute ride home wet and cold like that.

Well, the next day, at work, I realized that my purse which had been under my legs in the floor board at the time of my accident, was wet all down inside. Everything was soaked! Lovely. Needless to say, I had to do a full overhaul on my purse and it's contents. Blow dried the insides. Now, I'm sporting a lighter loaded purse than I have in years!

So, here's my newer lighter content inventory:

Pocket full of bankcards, gifts cards, business cards.

Wallet with drivers license, video club cards, calendar, list of EOM dates for work.

Change purse with a few bills and change.

A couple of pens and a tire gauge.

Feminine products.

Hair brush.

Check stub.

Letter from school counselor saying Hannah qualifies for Duke's TIP program!

Two koozies from work for canned drinks.

The electronic gate pass for work and the keys I sometimes need there.

So all's well that ends well. Now I have a neater, lighter purse. Who knows how long I would have put off cleaning it out if the soda hadn't forced me to.

Borrowing a phrase from a dear departed Sister in Christ of mine, "Be blessed and be a blessing."



  1. Oh my! I never use half the stuff in my purse but just let me not have it and then I want it. lol

  2. I would hate to list all I have in mine. Let's just say it is overflowing LOL. Glad Pete's EKG was ok. I hope he feels better soon. I bet that drink was cold where you spilled it. Helen

  3. My mom would let change build up in her purse to the point her 98 pound frame was dragging a 75 pound bag.

  4. I really dislike carring a purse., once the kids all got out of the diaper bag phase I was so glad to be rid of the extra lugage I had to carry lol. I only carry one because my hubby badgared me so long about not having one to put stuff in. I currently carry a small minmal black purse with my M montogram on it (a very nice lizclaiborne a friend gave me) and ya it gets over stuffed but it sure is cute. I have a wallet, keys, none working cell phone, josh's pay check, cards for Silent No More, a flyer about the Freedom Of Choice Act,photo claim check from wal-greens,chap stick, and 110 film that I can only get developed by mailing it in somewhere (found alot of old film cleaning my room last week).

    A tire gauge? Really?! LOL

    Much Love~

  5. It is so pretty here in your blog... :)
    Isn't that the way we get to those projects we put off, spill soda in the purse and then you got the meme done, lol.... I hope at least the food was a bit tasty...
    Have a great week!!

  6. I know i shouldn't of but i laughed. I could just picture what was happening. Sorry.
    Jenny <><

  7. Dang-that kind of thing happens to me too! I've slopped and sopped my purse so many times, I'm surprised it's still usable. You have a lighter load than me now- but it won't take you long to fill it up again ;-0 God Bless you Barbara- hope all is well with y'all~ love Carolyn

  8. LOL...Barbara I had to laugh out loud when you said "tire gauge"...LOL...and the soda thingy...I think everyone has had a time or two like that...LOL...and glad the purse is lighter...hubby picked mine up one day and wonder your shoulders hurt you...carrying around all that weight...LOL..well I cleaned it out...and it didn't feel a bit different...LOL...but at least I could find whatever it was I was looking for LOLOL...God Bless ya...and so glad Pete is ok...hugs...Ora

  9. Barbara, I'm sorry but what a vision, LOL LOL LOL! Poor thing! Bless you!

  10. Ok, I get everything, except, the tire guage? You are a prepared lady! I keep things in my purse to a lighter the better level. If not, I'd be lugging around a suitcase full of cool things~
    I hope you are doing well and that Pete is good.

  11. Dear Barbara,
    Gee I hope that Pete's bronchitis clears up soon!Whew It sounded like an ordeal and yet you three managed to make it fun! So sorryabout your purse! I need to change mine out too!:)
    God Bless You guys Barbara!

  12. I loved the meme.... oh my goodness the cold drink bath sounds exhilarating... hate when that happens! But a good excuse to clean out the purse.... hope hubby recovers from the bronchitis!

  13. Better soda in your purse then calf poop. Long story but the purse was cleaned up and still sits on the floor in the garage.

  14. Barbara, thanks for the laugh! What a funny story but I also feel your pain. That's the sort of thing I do.
    I emptied my cupboard out yesterday to do the change of seasons switcheroo and ended up with a huge pile of coathangers on my bed in a huge jumbled pile (I'm sure someone else would've neatly stacked the wretched things as they went. Anyway, as my husband was preparing to go to bed, he asked me about my "sculpture". I'd been thinking about photographing them but that confirmed it. I now have a laundry basket full of mangled coathanger all sorts and I might take them down to the beach. This is where all the lost coathanger hang out.

    1. Oh, gosh, a jumble of coat hangers is my worst laundry nightmare! You just want to get through putting things up and you keep getting three or four tangled together every time you start to hang another garment. Pretty soon your are just irritated and slinging coat hangers across the room. Well, I don't know about you, but I am. ;)

    2. They hang out in dormitory parking lots, too. We haven't been to UH at any point where we didn't see a few in the parking lot.

      Barbara, you and me both! My name is Suzanne. I am a hanger flinger!


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