Saturday, November 15, 2008

What You Don't Know About Me

Many moons ago, two people tagged me to list six things about me that you don't know. They were Kathy and Jill.

I'm finally getting my Around-To-It. So without further ado, I offer you six things you don't know, but you will when you finish reading.

1. Certifications - I hold several certifications from the American Red Cross. Advanced Swimming, Intermediate Water Rescue, Basic Canoeing and CPR. There's a couple of stories buried in this that I will be posting in the near future.

2. Anger and Fits - As a teenager, I'd get radically angry when I saw someone taking advantage of the underdog. As I got older I began to demonstrate my anger more often over much less lofty circumstances. Before I turned back to Christ I was at the point of taking someone's head off for any and every thing. Screaming, cursing, slamming things, stomping. Pete used to threaten to "sic Barbara on them." The change between then and now is extraordinary! But that doesn't mean that it's not still sometimes a struggle. To holler or use curse words when I'm really angry is still the weakest point in my Christian walk. And unfortunately, my home is the place it is most likely to happen.

3. Car Crazy Cutie - The Beach Boys had a song about a car crazy cutie. That fit me in my younger years. I changed my own oil and spark plugs. Had a subscription to Hot Rod magazine. More about this in an upcoming entry.

4. Breast Fed Both Children - With Bubba, well, he was what they call a sleepy nurser. I was a first time mom. It was a battle! With Hannah Bug everything went smooth as silk. Put it all together and I have much experience. So if anyone out there is trying it and needs some advice, I'm here for you.

5. I Shoot to Kill - Sounds tougher than it is. Actually the only three living things I ever shot at I killed in one shot. They were in this order, a doe one deer season, an armadillo that was digging up our yard, and a water moccasin Bubba saw in the shed by the horse stall.

6. I Never Liked Kids - I was born when both my sisters were about out of school. I grew up in many ways as an only child. So I just couldn't get what everyone goo' d and gaa' d over. Then at 29 I had Bubba. I remember in the hospital thinking he was beautiful and that this precious child needed a mother, not me! LOL Then when he was three, I was cornered to help in VBS by my best friend and prayer partner. I found God calling me to help in Children's Church. I worked in CC for over ten years. I loved it! Always treated my kids as midget adults. But they seemed to respond to that. I still get hugs from ex students every where I go. And I find myself gooing and gaaing over the new little ones that I see coming along. The things God can do in us, and through us!

7. Rum and Capt. Jack - Oh, this is seven. Call it a bonus! lol A part of me would love to be on an island somewhere with Captain Jack and a case of rum. Call it my inner wild child.

That's it. I hope there was something that surprised everyone. It's been so long since this meme started, I haven't a clue who to if you want to and haven't, consider this your invitation to play along.

Barbara, what's for supper? Pork loin, seasoned up fine, cooked in the rotisserie until it's golden on the outside. Baked potato with all the fixins, garden salad chopped real fine and a nice warm roll to round it out.


  1. I did learn more about your Barbara; loved the part of what you shot; I would have shot that water moccasin too


  2. were a rompin, stompin kind of girl. My youngest would love to be on an island with Jack. Funny, how the Lord tames it all but it's still there. I work with a girl who found the Lord. She always had a mouth on her. Now, she cracks me up because she's always saying "Lord still what's ready to explode." Have a great Sunday... HUGS

  3. Sounds like you spent a lot of time around the water. I would think you've always lived near where you live now, huh?

  4. i'll take the rum , you can have captn jack

  5. There were several surprising things that I didn't know about you. You wild child LOL.I have been known to change oil and spark plugs in my car plus used to go hunting. The only hunting I have a desire for now is something pretty or unusual to take a photo of. Supper sounds great. Helen

  6. dear Barbara,
    by far the most interesting and entertaining entry that I've read from you in a while!:)
    I am still trying to understand: you got closer to the kids when your baby was 3 and you had to help in Vacation Bible School correct/
    wow how interesting!
    you sound like a very professional tough lady(I like mention of shooting the snake) and quite the swimmer!
    Someone rescued me and I've never forgotten it!
    you are great wonder woman!:)

  7. I don't know what to say... but WOW... very cool though Barbara. And now whenever I read your posts, I come away feeling the sudden urge to eat more


  8. aww sis thanks for sharing.. ic we are more alike then I had thought.. mmm rum and coke sounds 'bout right lol but I will hold off for the weekend.. na.. jk. But when I grow up can I be just like you? We are talking about for Christmas getting me a hand gun and I am just itching to get some frusration out at a shooing rang lol.

  9. Dinner sounds delicious... I say that first because I read that last and may forget to comment about it. Oh that is the funniest thing... how cute he is but he needs a mother... LOL. I would never have guessed you as being angry or cussing LOL (heaven help us when we fall... I have the same weakness every now and again)... so enjoyed reading about the things you've shot.... I killed a great big black widow once with a broom but it would have been much funner to shoot it.... much hugs,

  10. Thanks for sharing so much about you! I breast fed both of my girls too. Loved the freedom from bottles. The lack of expense! Thanks again and I look forward to some of the stories!

  11. Great post. It's always fun to learn something new.
    Well, I'm getting ya again. I've nominated you for an award. Stop by and pick it up when you get a chance.

  12. Those are fantastic things to find out about you! I loved the part about the underdog. I admit, I am a sucker for the underdog and can be most forceful about sticking up for them myself.
    Have a wonderful week~

  13. I learned we are a lot alike. I like #7 and what time is dinner?

  14. Brilliant entry Barbara. I need to read more of this. Love Pam xx

  15. Capt. Jack! LOLOL! I've got one too, but I don't think I could take the rum! Visit my facebook page and look on my fan section... and no it's not Hank Jr! ;-) One clue- he was so hot in Lord of the rings! Anyway, on to other realities, got any advice for a worn out gray haired mom of an 8 year old who is the most stubborn, hard headed willful and precious boy in the whole wide world?! He's getting both me and daddy in fits goin' up the wall every minute!! AARGG! God Bless you Barbara!! Love Carolyn


So glad you stopped by! Come 'round any time. ~ Barbara

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