Thursday, November 20, 2008

Of Morons and Blasphemy

Last night I found myself sitting down on the couch just to relax and chill a little before getting into bed. You ladies know what I'm talking about! That wonderful time of day when you can go "whew!" and put your feet up knowing what you had to do is done and everyone that might holler "Mama!" is in the bed.

Pete mostly watches the satellite. Movies, western channel, discovery. But he does like to catch Jay Leno. Last night he was tuned into him. His guest was Bill Maher. That political comedian. Well, I was there and listening. I found most of his jokes and commentary to be about grade school level.

And then he proved he was a moron. He mentioned the gay marriage thing. And then went too far. He said Jesus never spoke against homosexuality. He even went on to espouse the heresy that Christ was a homosexual! He eluded that the "law" of the Old Testament was archaic.

This man doesn't know or understand the Bible. This man doesn't care that he doesn't. He's just out looking for applause. Attacking anything and anyone in an absurd manner to cause a stir, get a laugh.

What disturbed me as much as the slander against Christ, was the fact that the audience bought into it. Enough to gawph and slap their legs and elbow each other. The Bible tells us truth shall be known as lies and lies as the truth.

What disappointed me no end was that Jay Leno didn't look shocked or try to play it down or make any other motion to corral this scoundrel. Once upon a time, a host would have ejected a guest over such an insult.

God lay down His law in the Old Testament. He made very clear how He felt on homosexuality. He destroyed a city over the fact they had let it and other sexual sin run rampant. Jesus didn't have sex with a man or with a woman. He was not married. He would have been breaking the Law of God. Had he of done that, he would not have been the spotless Lamb to atone for our sins. If you say Jesus was homo or had a woman on the side you are denying who HE said HE was. You are calling him a liar and a fake. Make no mistake!

As to the Law, Jesus himself said he came not to change the law or do away with the law but to fulfill the law. If you find the words from His mouth that cancels out any, please email me the Chapter and Verse. What Jesus DID do was to make clear that following the law is an act of love and that you can't follow the law if you love not. Love is not what the world tells us today; where you quietly go along with anything a person does and nod and say that's okay. Love sometimes says, "Whoa! You are going too far. You are running wild. You are headed for disaster and ruin." Love doesn't accept low living from says, "Look here, let me lift your eyes up and help you to live fuller, richer, to your best potential." If you want to love me as the world says you should love, do me a favor and don't! I'd rather have an enemy. An enemy would come nearer bringing out the best in me than one who loved me with that sick, crippling, kind of love. I want someone to kick my butt when I need it. To expect something worthwhile from me.

Jesus also condemned in harshest terms those who twisted the Law and the Word of God for their own advancement. He reckoned them to snakes. And he condemned the practice of thinking yourself better than others. Being smug and pious. Like you Bill.

Go ahead America, laugh yourself to death, straight on your way to Hell. May God have mercy on your souls.

On the lighter side, Barbara, what's for supper? Well folks it's been a nice night, as Bubba brought home KFC for all of us....all right!!! He's a nice boy.


  1. Barbara- you need to get on your soap boxmore often! I love it when you do that! ;-) I used to watch Mahr years ago when he had his show "politically incorrect" It was rediculous, and he ALWAYS as withmost other shows, had it stacked against those with strong moral convictions, and made them out to look like backward hicks. I gave up on it as I have on most tv. He is an athiest, but funny how most, if not all atheists start of from a very religious home. I have heard much from people lately about the whole gay marriage issue, and the saddest thing is, it shows how many people, especially those calling themselves Christian, are totally ignorant about Christ! I mean, it's almost expected that a nonCHristian would be ignorant on the Bible and what it says, but for so many supposed Christians, it is sad that they have no clue as to why they call themselves Christians. I am going to to a special post on this, as I just read another article from someone who says they are a Christian, but do not believe in Christ, the Bible or anything that Jesus taught- well, xcept the love and no judgement thing. You stated your case excellently! You GO GIRL! Love Carolyn

  2. I've learned not to let idiots like Maher, who are self-described athiests, get under my skin. They aren't going to change.

  3. I guess everyone has their opinion, and Bill Maher is one of them. I think sometimes people like him see just how far they can push it. :( I am with Lori...I don't let it get to me. I just change the channel.

  4. I'm with what Lori said; the sad thing is when people like him realize we were telling the truth, it will be too late and it will be too late for eternity; forever; just so sad to think about it; you can only hope they might get a clue some day

    good thoughts; I liked how you wrote this and I agree with everything you said about Jesus/Bible, etc


  5. There is going to come a time when one will have to take a stand on their faith and beliefs. In the USA we've been allowed the luxery of straddling the fence so not to upset or get into conflict with others. However, I was just talking about this very thing with the husband the other night and told him the story of Lot and his family escaping a city that God had condemned due to the immoral living of its inhabitants. One can kid all they want, but one day the reality of their words and actions are going to bring clarity to their insincere musings. Good post.

  6. Well Barbara,
    I'd love to leave a comment. But you nailed this so brilliantly, the only thing left to say is AMEN!


  7. Great post, Barbara! And dinner sounds very stress free!

  8. I wouldn't like to get in your bad books Barb! lol. Dinner sounds fab, I wish I had a kfc near me! Love pam xx

  9. Amen Barbara. You told it like it was. Hugs, Helen

  10. Well done. I believe the time is short and there is an urgency to get out there and bring in the harvest, but it is not easy when so many christians do not know their bible. Sometimes it seems we are working against each other rather than together.
    Jenny <><

  11. Hey Barb, I nominated you for the MARIE ANTOINETTE award, congratulations! Go see my Blog!

  12. You know what? I loved your entry! You said it right and you said it very well.
    love ya,

  13. I am glad you wrote this entry and you said it all so well! I would have been upset to have seen it and it frightens me what is happening in America. We all have to speak out when we see it and uphold truth and righteousness.

  14. Amen, Barbara! I get so tired of seeing wishy-washy Christianity out there, political correctness all over the place. It is wonderful to read the words of one not afraid to tell it like it is. Thank you!


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