Friday, September 19, 2008

Ike Didn't Wash Us Away!

Yes!  I am back and we are fine!  Thanks to those who tried to get my message out to everyone.  Absolutely no damage here this time around.  We were high and dry.  The only trees that fell were in the woods...belonged to the park, not us. 

We were out of power and lost our phone late Saturday afternoon until today.  We've been eating well off an old butane stove and the bar-b-que pit.

I worked yesterday and today.  The company is running on a giant generator.  And they are feeding us some excellent lunches! 

God was with us.  This storm barely touched us up here, unlike Rita.  But Ike has reeked havoc in nearby communities. 

My hat's off to Guido, who I see posted some of the REAL story on his journal.  The national news makes me so mad!!!  Yes, dear Houston had some damage.  Yes, because it is a large city the damage may be expensive.  But the real loss was on Galveston Island and especially the peninsula that runs between Galveston and High Island.  Bolivar, Crystal Beach, Gilcrest and points behind the pennisula in the bay.

Also, further East behind Sabine Pass (who took the direct hit from Rita)Bridge City who had no levee suffered much flooding.  Port Arthur, though fearful the storm surge would top or break the levee, faired better. Tip your hats to Jack Brooks for that.

You can see it all in this map.

I am north of Silsbee. (Click image to view larger.) And you can get more detailed information on what really occurred at  And up to the minute news as we progress along with our recovery.  For any local folks who are stranded away from home, KLVI and dear old Al is still your best bet for info.

All in all, Ike was not necessarily any worse than Rita.  But they were very different storms.  With Rita it was the wind speeds that did the damage.  With Ike, the immense size of it and the storm surge was what lay things to waste. I'll be posting some little stories about our experiences in the coming days.  And doing some catching up with you and yours in J-Land. 



  1. Glad things are alright with you and not any damage. God bless, Janie

  2. sure am happy to see you back online..thanks for the map picture...glad you all are doing well....God Bless...hugs...Ora

  3. Glad to know you are fine!  Size was the issue.  We had high winds the same day it hit you - in TENNESSEE!  It did damage to many trees in the area!  And we have no gas either.  It's crazy.

    Glad you are back!

  4. You have NO idea how relieved I was to hear from you!!!  I was watching from weather underground, and reading the Beaumont enterprise every day.  I am so glad you guys didn't get much.  My heart goes out to those in around Galveston, Port Arthur and Bridge City areas and around north and east opf Galveston bay~  I have been thanking God every day Barbara!!  God Bless!  Love Carolyn (PS- check out my entry before the one that's up now~ ) ;-)

  5. so glad you are safe and sound! thank you Lord!!! can't wait to hear your stories when you have a chance to share them :)


  6. Glad that you all were safe and that you are back at work and were able to make an entry. Hugs, Helen

  7. So glad to have your back safe and well Barbara and it was lovely to hear your voice on the voice mail you sent me.  Yes, I have seen the pictures of Galveston.  I feel for them all.

  8. So glad you all are safe & sound. Our previous Pastor works in Houston & he left to go to San Antonio. He fared well also.


  9. I'm so thankful that you were spared.  We had two huge generators in trailer trucks running our building in Pittsburgh.  No time off of  I did see that Galveston and the other barrier islands are terrilbe.  It was in our local newspapers.  No one has even been back on the islands yet but, oy, the pictures.  I'll be looking forward to reading more of your stories....HUGS Chris

  10. I am very happy to hear that you and your family are ok. All we got here were very high winds. It shook our little trailor around like it was nothing. ...hugs, Christine

  11.  I am glad your OK.  The pictures look so terrible and sad.


  12. The news made it sound like Houston was devastated.  Just devastated.  I was scared for you at first, Barbara, but Ginger told me not to be.  So I wasn't.  Why would the news hype up the whole thing?  Just to get an interesting story I guess...

    Krissy :)  

  13. Glad to hear you are all ok.
    Jenny <><

  14. Dear Barbara
    I'm so glad you are okay!
    My favorite par was where you said"God was with us.:))
    beautiful image Barbara
    Hey that's a lot of barbecue and stove work but we are all thrilled you are ok


So glad you stopped by! Come 'round any time. ~ Barbara

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