Thursday, September 11, 2008

Here We Go Again!!!!

Well, here we go all over again.  Another hurricane.  Just like that old "rabbit ain't got no tail at all".  Same song, second verse, could get better, but it's gonna get worse. 

Looking like Freeport will get the eye.  Of course things may change.  And we will definitely get plenty of storm weather.  But we are staying.  Still got supplies.  Still have the metal building in the hill. 

But hey, it's our humor that sustains us many times through stressful events.  So, I want to share a little something a friend of mine named Lloyd shared with me:

Houston Hurricane Evacuation Plans

City officials just announced the Houston hurricane evacuation plan
Today for Hurricane Ike:

Cajuns use I-10 East to Lafayette.

Hispanics use I-10West to San Antonio.

Rednecks use 59 North to East Texas.

Republicans fly Continental first class to Washington DC.

Yankees and Democrats use 45 South to Galveston. (very important)

Longhorns use 290 West to Austin.

Aggies use the 610Loop.


  1. I pray that everyone in it's path will be safe. Helen

  2.  Loved your sense of humor with the joke. stay dry.


  3. buckle up kid it's going to be a doozie!
    be safe

  4. Be safe.....prayers always.


  5. hang on tight sweetie....all of you!!!!  I have a feeling Ike is mad cause Gustav was given a job to do and didn't do it Ike is gonna cover his A.....!!!!  and boy is he mad...churning up for the big spill....keep safe....and yes....a smile will get us all thru this....our prayers are with all in the path....God Bless....hugs...Ora and Mixon in KY

  6. stay safe my friend. ...hugs, Christine

  7. Hope you all stay safe.
    Jenny <><

  8. Once again, stay safe.  So many beautiful tributes on 9/11 today. The U.S.A.has been much in my thoughts.

  9. stay safe and enjoy all the rain

  10. loved the "evacuation plans"; stay safe; glad most of your plans made a few weeks ago are still in place


  11. Be Safe!!
    Linda :)

  12. That's funny!

  13. Hehehehehe~ even in a blow, I love your humor!  Rednecks remind me of where I lived, Aggies remind me of my cousins in Houston.  God Bless y'all Barbara- I showed my son today where all of you live.  I'll check back after the storm and keep you all in my prayers through it!  Love Carolyn - PS, I've been getting a few Florida hurricane comics lately too- but it looks like it's y'all's turn this year.

  14. Hey Barbara... hope all is well with you guys in Texas. It sounds pretty bad. Seriously, we're all praying for you here on the East Coast... I imagine we'll be sending you lots of bottled water, and other necessities. Take care. bea

  15. This is my first visit to your journal and I loved your evacuation plan ... except the Aggie one.  LOL  

    Funny that I learned about this journal from Jeanette in ENGLAND and you and I are practically neighbors.  Hope you are okay now that Ike has passed.


  16. I hope you guys are okay Barbara.

  17. lol! that is really funny! :)
    Hey I hope you're doing fine my friend


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