Saturday, April 19, 2008

Challenging Myself

Have you checked out Magic Smoke lately?!?  You know, the AOL Journals Journal?  Always been there with technical advice and such about our journals and J-land.  But Magic Smoke is evolving and changing.  They are now inviting journalers all over J-land to post there.  And many are hosting games and weekly assignments there.  If you've never been, you should drop by.  If you were there a good while back, you should pop in again.  In fact, if you blog in J-land you should have it on alerts!  Just click on the Magic Smoke Icon and you'll be there!  ;o) 

Tonight, I'm participating in something totally new.  The author of Inspiration has posted a challenge on Magic Smoke.  The Challenge Yourself Challenge!  Now, I don't know her.  Wasn't aware of her journal until I read this.  But that's just one of the great things about connecting up at Magic Smoke.  And though this is a little different for me, I decided to give it a whirl. 

"Now for the challenge!  The last two weeks over at Inspiration we have been talking about that voice in side your head that convinces you that you can't succeed.  This week I asked my readers to spend two days and write down all of the negative things that their Gremlin said to them.  Now that you have a list, pick the top five things that your Gremlin says and re-write them.  Use your own words, and imagination as to what you would say to it."

Gremlin:  You're just a forgetful old lady.
Me:  Yeah, let's see you keep track of all I keep up with!
Gremlin:  You aren't the Christian you ought to be.
Me:  At least I'm no way near what I used to be, and praise God, He's not finished with me yet! 
Gremlin:  What a terrible housekeeper you are!
Me:  I do what I can.  There are four people in this house and I'm not going to work myself ragged all by myself.  Besides, I've learned all too well how brief the important things can be and I'm not going to miss any of them.  The dirt and clutter will be there any time I get to it.
Gremlin:  You've lost all your good looks and sex appeal!
Me:  Measure people by the outside if you want to.  I'm done and through with that!  Appreciate my mind, my humor, my heart. 
Gremlin:  You don't deserve ______.  (Fill in with Bubba or Bug.)
Me:  Maybe not.  But God saw fit to bless me with them.  And I'm gonna cherish and drink them in to the last drop of my life!!
"I would also like you to draw your Gremlin....Only you know what your Gremlin looks like."
 -  Barbara


  1. Your gremlin looks pretty scary. Glad you are getting the best of him. Paula

  2. Sounds like even our gremlins are alike!!!!  I like your drawing of the little devil!  Thank you Barbara, you always find something neat for us to check out!  God Bless you and have a wonderful Day tomorrow!  Love Carolyn

  3. Yep just noticed that a few weeks ago with guest editors pic.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. I follow Rosemary's (Inspiration) journal; she is a great one for coming up with motivational challenges like this;

    you did great with your assignment; your gremlin looks frightening, but remember he is nothing compared to who you are in the Lord!

    and you are right about Magic Smoke; lots of great changes and things happening there; I definitely have it on alerts


  5. You have a mean looking gremlin with all those teeth showing LOL. Helen

  6. You have a scary gremlin....glad God is with you, because He can overshadow that ugly little thingy.....

    Love to you.


  7. I think i know his cousin, but Jesus can pack a hefty punch. LOL!
    Jenny <><

  8. Well done for tackling this challenge, Barbara

  9. Excellent thoughts responding to that Gremlin.  I so enjoyed this entry.  I've been too busy to check out Magic Smoke this year and I am thankful that someone clued me in to what was up over there.  The last I heard Magic Smoke Joe was laid off.  Is he still around???  I'll have to check it out.  Hugs,

  10. Brilliant entry Barbara. Loved your answers to Mr Badboy Gremlin. If he has a problem with the housework....Tell him to do It! ;-) Love Pam xx

  11. This was great!  We all have those gremlins trying to ruin our happiness, don't we?  

  12. Thanks for the heads up on Magic Smoke.  I'm rarely ever over there, but then again I don't have the time I would like to have to cruise around J-land.  I'll have to check it out.

    The "gremlins" are always popping into our heads.  This is a great lesson in responding to these negative thoughts, and not letting them "build a nest in your hair."


  13. Hey Barbara!

    Sorry it took me so long to stop by and check out your entry.  You did a very thorough job. LOVE your gremlin.  He is actually cute!!! LOL

    I also enjoyed your feedback to your Gremlin.  

    The oddest thing I find, and I find this with so many clients, is they are very hard on themselves (or the GREMLIN is very hard on them) about not being "christian" enough.  Can you imagine what Jesus would say if he were to hear your Gremlin say that to you?  I can imagine two things.

    The first is when I picture when the town was stoning the woman and Jesus came up and said let he who be without sin cast the first stone.  All he said was "go and try to sin no more"  He didn't say never sin again.  He said TRY and sin no more.  He knows we are human and he sees our efforts and is praised by them.

    I also recall Jesus saying "Father forgive them for they know not what they do".  Jesus was all about forgiveness and knowing the love that we have in our hearts.  I can see that you heart is overflowing and abundant with love.  Remember that.  It will help to scare the wits out of the Gremlin.

    Hugs Rosemary


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