Sunday, October 27, 2013

So I wrote a commercial for Chevy Cruze in my head

No, I'm not normal.  And I never said I was.  But music and driving has always been linked in me.  Say your out cruising the drag...there's gotta be a Beach Boys tune or two in the mix and a good power ballad.  There just has to be lyrics that speak to cruising and cars!

My 1979 Mustang and I handled the curves on East Texas roads in perfect sync with Barry White's Love Unlimited Orchestra.  The fast pace of the music could keep up the the 302 engine and the beauty of the orchestra matched the landscape around me.

And who on earth can listen to "East Bound and Down" by Jerry Reid and not find their foot slipping down deeper into the gas peddle?!

If you get in an old Willys Jeep and go off into the woods, down dirt roads and through mud, you just aren't doing it right if you don't have some Gary Stewart on hand.

That I associate music with driving, is probably not that unusual.  That I am absolutely sold on my Cruze is even normal for a new car owner.  That I would go so far as to imagine a whole commercial around that experience, that's odd.

How did it come about?  One night I was on my way home from dropping Baby Ruth off her house and the Spinners came on doing "I'll Be Around".  And it just clicked!  The feeling of the song, the night, the car on the road.  It all came together in an experience.

So, the next time the Spinners came around on my stick, I was headed to work...with time on my hands.  And my imagination kicked into high gear. 

And I give you my Chevy Cruze commercial:

Cue the start of the song as the camera catches a Cruze driving on a slightly winding road at night, with a full moon.  First a brief closeup of the Chevy bow tie in front.  Then,  from above and to the right of the car and slightly behind.  There are light snow flakes falling.  As the Spinners say "this is our fork in the road", the Cruze goes left on a fork in the road and the camera enters the car from the passenger side window.  As the camera enters, it zooms in on the top of the entertainment center and you can see the temperature outside is 38 degrees and the time is 11:58pm.

Camera pans up and over to see profile of the driver from the passenger side.  He's an attractive 30 something man.  He's driving confidently, but looks quiet and lost in thought. 

As the Spinners get to "whenever you need me" the hands free phone rings.  Camera zooms to his hand pressing the steering wheel to answer. Music still playing.  Voice over you hear the man say "hello".  You hear a woman say "I need you".  Then he says "I'll be there.", just before the Spinners get to that part of the chorus.  

Camera back outside the car, from driver point of view.  Sees sign warning of ice on road.  Camera pans back in to show the traction button and then catches the man's hand pushing the seat warming button on the passenger side.

Back outside the car, as he nears his destination, the Cruze's headlights show a competitors car on the side of the road, broke down and a woman standing in the cold, with the snowflakes falling, in only a thin sweater.

Cruze comes to a stop by the woman.  Camera catches man's hand opening the passenger door and throwing it open.  Woman sits down in the passenger seat and camera catches her face and the relief she feels, as she feels the warmth from the leather seat.  

Their hands fold together over the emergency brake, as the Spinners say "sparks can turn into flames".  Camera withdraws and catches the back of the car as it continues on, zooming in on the Cruze on the back of the trunk lid.

This commercial has it all.  A story.  A plot.  Two heros:  the man and the car.  Not to mention one of the best songs ever.

Without saying a word, Chevy can show off how the Cruze handles the road, how it looks from front, side and the rear, the beauty of the interior, the entertainment center, the bluetooth, the dependability, the traction assist, the heated leather seats.

I rest my case.  Now if you see this commercial on your TV, be sure to let me know...and let Chevy know you saw it here first.  


  1. I love it!! I think you should somehow submit to Chevy. I don't know if it would make me buy a Chevy Cruze, but I'd sure like seeing the commercial.

  2. This is Great!! I could see it all... will look for it on TV, lol.... :)

  3. Love your creativity Barbara, LOL. Awesome, I will keep you posted if I see your commercial. :-)

  4. Thank s to each of you for the comments and compliments!


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