Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Into the Word Wednesday: Psalms 19:14

Actually, I didn't get to do a post last Wednesday, as that was the first day hubby was home from the hospital and too much was going on.  So, I first want to talk about what was on my mind and in my heart last week.  The simple Goodness of my God.  From even before the Friday I had to take hubby to the ER, God was taking care of me.  One step ahead of me.  Working things out to our good. 

The weekend before was the most restful I had had in quite some time.  I felt at my best.  Then Friday, since we had to work the day after the 4th, our boss told us we could cut out about 2:00pm that day.  Around 1:30 hubby called me asking me to call the pharmacy and ask them some questions.  When he told me his symptoms and how he felt, I said "No!  That won't do.  I'll come home and get you and take you somewhere.  You be ready and decide where you want to go."  I was on my way home by 2:00.  Hubby had picked Baptist.  I had him there by 4:00pm.  They took him & his symptoms very seriously.  No holds barred treatment despite our financial/insurance situation.  In little ways too numerous to count, God was there.  Smoothing the way.  If I thanked and praised Him and hubby for my new car once, I did a hundred times.  I got a parking spot on one of the first two rows right in front of the main door every time I arrived at the hospital.  There were medicine issues when hubby came home that the Lord worked out seamlessly.  Including when I needed to speak to the admitting doctors office, finding out it was in the same building, same floor, same suite, even the same counter as Bug's cardiologist who I had to take her for a 6 month check that very day! 

Scoffers can roll their eyes and say "coincidences".  But when the Lord is involved they happen extremely often and in ways for our good.   So I know He is with me. 

As for this week, I was reflecting on Psalms 19:14 today as part of my Daily Bread devotion.  The verse reads, "Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord."

I closed my eyes and thought about this.  How important it is.  After all, almost everyone lets their words and their mouth get the best of them at some time or another.    Gives a harsh response more from being tired than from being offended.  Goes too far saying something about someone else, and enters the realm of gossip.  Stumps a toe or gets cut off in traffic by a discourteous or reckless driver and lets an offensive word or phrase fly.  Let's their thoughts turn to every wrong someone has done them instead of focusing on on the ways they have been there for you.  Gets a "why me" mentality.  I could go on for pages.  You get the picture.

Then I began to contemplate how the Lord can help us to do as David asked.  And it occurred to me that David asked out of order.  Or maybe a blurry eyed scribe wrote it out of order.  But I doubt that, as I trust God capable of preserving His Word as He wants it.

When we stay close to God through prayer and His Word, He will help us the meditation of our heart to be in line with His Will and His Way.  The Holy Spirit is there to help us with gentle nudges or a sound thump on the head when needed--if we listen to Him.  If we heed the warning He is giving, He will help us turn our thoughts and our minds toward the good. 

In the New Testament the Lord tells us to think on whatever is "good, pure, lovely", etc.  As our heart is our thoughts.  As our thoughts are our words and actions. 

So, if we truly want our words to be acceptable to Him, we first must turn our meditation toward Him.  Just like a computer, if you program trash in, trash will come out.  If you program good solid code you will get good solid information.  Whatever we dwell on becomes an overshadowing extension of ourselves.  So then, let us "renew" our minds that they become more Christlike and therefore our actions, attitudes and our words.

God bless & keep you!



  1. Love reading your posts Barbara but must have missed what happened with your husband?? Praying God continues to be a part of this process and healing! God Bless you!

  2. I love when we can see God's footprints at work... Glad hubby is ok... :)


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