Sunday, December 26, 2010

What's New With You?

Here I sit, realizing how seldom I have updated in 2010. And how long it has been since I made a "newsy" entry for my online friends. Feeling blessed by the Christmas we just had, and hoping that yours was as well. So, I'll start by answering that question myself, and encourage you to do the same in a comment or an entry of your own.

This has been a year of growing, stretching and changing as a family. Rough spots in some places and smooth traveling in others. Individually, as a couple, as a family. I'm still at the same job, for the same pay rate, for the same hours. I've decided I want to invest more time in my blog this year. It's the only true hobby I have and I miss it. I'm reasonably healthy, happier with myself then I've been in ages and rolling with the punches.

Pete's still dealing with a medley of health issues with no positive answers. He slacked up this past year in work he takes in here at home, in large part due to never knowing how he'll feel and what he'll be able to do and people expecting, wanting things done quickly. But also because a couple of folks found it not necessary to pay him for his work. Maybe they think just because he cut them a deal on the price it wasn't hard to do....or they think it wasn't worth anything. But his ex-brother-in-law had us up twice this past summer to his lakeside home for Pete to help him work on his boat dock. It gave us all a couple of wonderful mini vacations. He's still cooking quite often and making delicious meals, preserves and such to share with us, his family and with friends. I think cooking is a real joy to him most of the time, while with me it is often just a chore that has to be accomplished. He raised a beautiful garden this year, but extremely dry conditions yielded us very little to put up.

Bubba has really been full circle! He started his year unemployed and on a down-hill slide. But thank God, he realized where he was headed and came to us for structure and has turned things around. He's working as a mechanic in a local shop. Not the biggest wages he has ever drawn, but good steady work with good people. He met a sweet girl and has since made her his fiance. All of this has seemingly had a calming influence upon him and given him a sense of direction. Why even today they are spending the day down at our old house, working on fixing it up after hurricane Rita and neglect, with an eye toward the day they can begin a life together in the home he began his life in.

There was no deer camp this year for the first time ever since Pete & I were married. Dues for these things are just too high under our circumstances. So we hauled everything from our old camp site home and Pete has set up a "camp" right outside! Complete with his little camper to cook in and the pitcher pumpPitcher Pump (PP2) hooked up for easy, handy water access.

Hannah is blossoming and becoming quite her own unique and special person. Still overall loving, happy and giving. Her grades are optimal and she has a passion for readingWarriors: Power of Three #4: Eclipse that she nourishes and a flare for writing little short stories. She is very basic and simplistic in what she needs to find comfort or amusement.

Of course the biggest story of the year is her and Pete coming to Christ as their savior. I knew they would, in time, some time. For He had promised it to me. But I didn't know when or how....never expected it to be this year...but that's another story, yet to come.

Now, what is new with you?


  1. So good to hear from you and catch up on your family. Wish you the best in the New Year. Nothing much new here. We're still cowing.

  2. Hi Barbara- I'm glad you guys have had a good Christmas and year. I will keep Pete in my prayers for his health though! I think the news about Bubba is so sweet, and love the fact he's settling down and fixin' up the old place!!
    Nothing much new here. Thankfully my honey knows how to grow a garden as well, as it's helped keep food on the table. That and our neighbor who gave us another hog this year. You'd be proud of me girlie- I actually watched (except the really gross part!) them butcher. We thank God for the full freezer, and the odd jobs Michael has been able to do- mostly for his sister. Any little bit has helped.
    We know how Pete must have felt not getting paid for a few jobs- it happened to Michael too :-(
    All in all, I thank God for keeping me sane these past couple of years, and for Michael being able to provide even without working.
    I'm glad to see you in your blog Barbara, and I do hope you keep your promise to blog more this year. I know I'm not the only one whose missed you!
    Tell Pete, I said howdy, and God bless you all this New Year! Love me

  3. Sounds as if things are moving right along for you. Glad that Bubba is settling down. That was great news about Pete and Hannah coming to The Good Lord. I know that made you happy.
    I lost my brother on the 11th of Dec of this year. My daughter has has two surgeries since summer. Two procedures were done at one surgery by two doc's doing different things. She is recouping from one she had done last week and it is not doing so well.
    My son was out of work for a month and wouldn't let me know but has started a new job this month. He has a long trip there and back each day putting in 12 hour days and 7 days a week. I just pray that he can hold out.
    Ken and I are about the same with a few things happening but are doing fairly well right now.
    I haven't kept my blog up very much this year and can't promise that I will next year.
    Happy New Year to you and your family, may it be a blessed one.

  4. What a wonderful update from you.... We had a very blessed 2010 in spite of hubby losing his job... I am looking forward to an even more blessed 2011 of seeing what his new job will be that God has waiting for him... I did good updating my blog the past year, now in the new year I want to get in a routine of reading others blogs again... Happy New Year!! :)


So glad you stopped by! Come 'round any time. ~ Barbara

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