Saturday, April 10, 2010

Local Issue - Commissioners Run-off Election

This next Tuesday, April 13th, is the run-off election for Hardin Co. Commissioner of Pct. 2. And I am making this entry for two reasons: to urge everyone who is eligible to go and vote and to urge those who do to vote for Dalton Morrow.

Many times people say that their vote doesn't matter, doesn't count because one vote more or less won't change anything. Of course if everyone thought that way, no one would vote and no one would ever be elected. But in this run-off election that way of thinking is totally wrong. One vote more than the other candidate is all that is needed to win!

Pete & I support Dalton Morrow for this position. Dalton has been working as foreman under Commission Pat McGallion and has already been saving the county money while getting the job done. His experience with equipment and knowledge as a mechanic (one of the best around...who do you think taught Pete?!) has allowed him to make quality purchases of equipment for less money, and scheduling maintenance and repairs in house has saved the county much more. He also has plans "to work closely with the other commissioners in the county to secure grants to improve our drainage systems and roads." He knows where these grants would serve us best.

I do hope you will vote and that your vote will be for Dalton Morrow. If somehow you don't know him already, you can find out more about him HERE.

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