Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Confession is Good for the Soul

So I was over at Lynne's journal, TNT the other day and she tagged me for the J-Land Mini-Convention and Confessional.
Must enter four confessions about yourself.  Here's mine.....
1.  In middle school some friends and I were at a sleepover at the pastor's daughters house; the parsonage.  We slipped out in the middle of the night and streaked around the church in our undies.  Why?  I don't know.  But the song the Streak by Ray Stevens was very popular around here at the time. 
2.  While I was in college, I had a romantic midnight pic-nic atop Arthur Temple's lear jet hanger in Diboll, TX.  Why?  My date was a good college buddy of his son. 
3.  I once threw Pete's supper in the front yard, pots and all.  Why?  He was leaving without eating it. 
4.  After we moved to Caneyhead there was a long time of no rain.  When finally one day a beautiful shower started, I told Pete I'd love to dance in the rain naked for the pure joy of it.  He said something like "What's stopping you?"  So, I ditched my clothes and danced naked in the rain in our yard.  Bubba hid.  Pete stood in the doorway and watched.  Aren't you thankful we live in the woods?! 
Now play along!  I double dog dare you to!  ;o) 

                          Graphic by Chocolate Cherried Creations


  1. You little Devil, what a dark horse you are lol. I have always wanted to dance naked in the rain but have always lived where neighbours could see me


  2. Barbara, That's hilarious. I can see that you have a "wee thing" for streaking! lol My main confession was one of my earlier entries about almost kidnapping a dog! lol at this moment in time i can't think of another 3, but If I do, I will give you a shout! lol :o) Pam xx

  3. Hee hee, what a naughty girl you have been. There is no way I could top those LOL. Helen

  4. sheesh....Barbara...nuttin I could or would say would top that.....but well....will be interesting to read about others LOL...hugs...Ora

  5. LOL  I'm gonna have to play this one, but I'm gonna have to think on it.

    #3 sounds like something I would do ... currently.  LOL


  6. LOL, I think if I lived in the woods I would be tempted to do the same thing.  Thanks for taking the challenge!  

  7. ROFL!! Well well aren't we a little naughty! LOL

    I think I might have to do this one!

  8. Yep I can see it now. Paula

  9. Don't have time to play but loved your answers. It is always such fun getting to see the "other side" of people we know.
    Hugs and Happy New Year.
    Barb- http://journals.aol.com/barbpinion/HEYLETSTALK

  10. I see you have a wild side! Love your fun confessions. I might have to do this one too. Martha :-)

  11. these were cute to read about; have a great new year!


  12. How fun!  I'm going to try to play!

  13. Christy sent me over to see what a bad girl you've been. This is too cute... Jland Truth or Dare.
    Take care, Chrissie

  14. Oh No!  Double Dog Dare!  The last time I heard that one, my friend and I streaked through our neighborhood- we lived in the city at that time!  Why?  I haven't got a clue either- but it seemed like fun at the time~ Dancing naked in the rain soundslike fun too-- but I think the critters around here would prefer me to stay clothed!  God Bless you Barbara- as I've said many times- we may have been born and raised on the opposite ends of the universe, but we sure have a lot in common!  Love Carolyn

  15. Wow you shocked me for sure! LOL Who would have know you had such a wild streak in you? You sweet girl from Texas.......

  16. Oh my you are so naughty, lol.....
    Linda :)

  17. Oh my word I am cracking up!!!!!  Those are some scandelous confesions hehehe :)


  18. Enjoyed reading yours! But I am not daring enough, nope, cant do it! LOL..

  19. LOL! I wanna do that last one, think I might have to wait until i'm back in Florida for that one. Too many people to see in London.

    Happy New Year!
    Shermeen xx

  20. Like one of your previous commenters, lol at yours, but Ima notta gonna put any of mine out there!!!!! LOL


  21. I guess there was no Youtube back then. I would love to see the dancing in the rain thing. I am hopping journals trying to thank some people who made me feel a bit better after my whiskey & weeping entry :-). Thank you. ~Mary

  22. dear Barbara,
    ummmm.. I remember papering a tree of a friend of a friend!
    ummm...I remember trying to check out how to get around a city I lived in and getting totally lost on the bus! My Dad had to bail me out!
    uhhh...I did paper my walls in high school with "important" clippings from the news.
    I did a hunger walk of 25 miles with some teens to feed a village
    oh and hey Barb..I managed to haul a lost gazelle out of a swimming pool once! lol!


So glad you stopped by! Come 'round any time. ~ Barbara

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