Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Yarn can be a tall tale, a story. Daddy was an awesome storyteller. That's where I got my storytelling ability. Daddy always told his verbally. I almost always write mine. If you are visiting my blog for the first time, I urge you to read at least one of my “storytelling” entries. They are so much better than these entries about me. Any of those under “Remembering Family” in my sidebar. Or most anything from the previous two years A-Z Challenges. Or for a funny one, try: Yes, That's My Purse.

Yarn is also fibers you can knit or crochet with. I have never tried knitting. I can crochet a granny square. That's it. That's all. Mama taught me to crochet, to embroidery, to sew. And when I was younger I did it all. What I did do, I did very well. But to me it felt like work, not pleasure. So, I haven't done any of that since Bug was maybe three years old. Now she's about to be fifteen this summer. Maybe when I'm “old” and retired I'll do that stuff. Who knows.

What are your view on Yarn? Either kind.  


  1. Fun post. My mother was an excellent knitter and would make a sweater for each of her 5 kids for every Christmas. She loved picking out the patterns and kitting throughout the year. She taught me to knit but I didn't take to it. I made one vest and once it was completed, I never knit again. Meanwhile I love cooking which she didn't have any patience for. I think you do one or two crafts or cooking well and that's your "thing". In our house she had knitting and I had cooking. Stopping in from A-Z.

    1. Nice story! My mom did crochet, sewing, cooking, canning and housekeeping perfectly. But she was of that generation who's worth was wrapped up in how well they cared for thier family. I tend to lean towards soaking up the time, the interaction with my family these days.


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